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Tuesday, January 9, 2018

DIY Disney Autograph Book

We're leaving for Walt Disney World in three days. THREE DAYS!! Some days I think I'm more excited than the kids. I can.not.wait!

DIY Disney Autograph Book

One souvenir that was always a favorite when I was a kid was an autograph book. I can remember getting one each time my mom and I would go to Disney World. Standing in line with my book and pen in hand waiting to meet the characters was THE BEST! {of course, the rides were great, too!} I figured I would pass that tradition along to my kids. But, being the crafty gal that I am, I needed a DIY version of the autograph book. And, it needed to be personalized. Because, well, you know, everything is cuter when it's adorned with your name!

DIY Disney Autograph Book

The first page has our family name and the date.

DIY Disney Autograph Book

There's a section for each theme park we'll be visiting on this trip. {I also included a couple of pages with the resort name, just in case there's a character sighting there.}

DIY Disney Autograph Book

The back cover has Mickey's famous saying, "See ya real soon!"

DIY Disney Autograph Book

Since McKinley is a girly-girl, I added bunches of ribbon to hers. Just as I suspected, she LOVES it!

DIY Disney Autograph Book

DIY Disney Autograph Book

These were really simple to make. An added bonus, there's enough extra pages inside that the kids can later add pictures of themselves with the characters that signed their books!

With a little knowledge in Microsoft Word and having a printing shop nearby, you can make these, too!

Here's how:

1. Create your pages in Microsoft Word or similar program. I downloaded Waltograph and Brady Bunch fonts for my words. {The Mickey heads were added later with a black Sharpie pen. The Mickey and Minnie stickers were purchased at Michael's Crafts.}

2. Email your pages to your local print shop to be printed. Be sure to send them as a PDF file. I made the mistake of not doing that the first time and the font was way off.

3. Cut your pages to size. I learned after asking the gal to trim my pages to 5x7 inches that EACH cut is $1.10. Cutting each sheet was going to cost $4.40. For real. So, I made sure to bring my own cutter to the shop and used the great big table they had available and cut my own pages to size.

4. Laminate your front and back cover sheets. {This is something that the print shop will also do. It's like a one-stop-shop!} I think laminating the covers are going to make this keepsake something they can actually keep. :o)

5. Have your book spiral bound. OfficeMax also does binding. Ask if your shop does this.

Total cost of each of my books was under $10. Maybe the same cost as the one you can purchase at the park gift shops...but, way cuter!

This idea was adapted from Dixie Delights.

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

9 DIY Hearts Crafts for Valentine's Day

I love Valentine's Day. All things hearts and red and pink and Cupid. Oh, Cupid, that cute little guy!

Each year I have good intentions to decorate my mantel and hang a heart-shaped wreath on the front door. Each year I peruse blogs for fun crafts. And each year I don't decorate my mantel or hang a heart-shaped wreath. Not this year! I vow to make at least one of the following crafts AND hang a wreath!

Below I've gathered nine lovely heart ideas that are perfect for anyone to recreate. Grab a chair, your latte and a notepad and pen to make a list of the supplies you'll need to get started!

9 DIY Hearts Crafts @jonahbonah

/1/ LOVE Bowl - It has SPARKLES...need I say more?

9 DIY Hearts Crafts @jonahbonah

/2/ Heart String Art - This could be a pretty mindless activity. Grab the needed supplies and park yourself in front of the TV. Catch up on The Bachelor. Or Downton Abbey. Whatever drama show is your vice.

9 DIY Hearts Crafts @jonahbonah

/3/ Heart Pincushion - The sewist in me LOVES this craft. Make one for someone you love who sews!

9 DIY Hearts Crafts @jonahbonah

/4/ Heart Pom-Pom Wreath - Did you make pom-poms when you were a kid? I did. A million of them! I would wind and wind the yarn around a piece of cardboard, tie it off and then trim the strands until it was a cute little pom. Now you can find a fancy pom-pom maker at the craft store for less than $10. Give this wreath a try today!

9 DIY Hearts Crafts @jonahbonah

/5/ Red Heart Shaped Ice Cubes - Wouldn't it be fun to surprise the kids on Valentine's Day morning with these ice cubes? And the sprinkles trimmed glass? Be still my heart!

9 DIY Hearts Crafts @jonahbonah

/6/ Heart Shaped Bookmark - SUUUUPEEERRR simple craft for the book lover in your life!

9 DIY Hearts Crafts @jonahbonah

/7/ Burlap Valentine's Gift Bags - These would make great little bags to give small Valentine's treats to the neighbors, the mailman and your children's teachers. Fill them with candy or hot cocoa mix.

9 DIY Hearts Crafts @jonahbonah

/8/ Lighted Marquee Heart - The tutorial for this marquee is amazing! Use it to make the pictured heart or a letter. Wouldn't one of these be a great addition to a child's room? I love it!

9 DIY Hearts Crafts @jonahbonah

/9/ Heart Bokeh - As a photographer, I'm always looking for new ideas to take unique pictures. Heart bokeh? Yes, please!

Which of these heart-shaped crafts is calling your name? I'd love to see what you make! Will you share with me? I'm @jonahbonah on Instagram or leave me link to your blog  in the comments.

Wanna see more great crafts with hearts?? Check out this post I wrote on

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

9 Easy DIY Valentine's Day Cards for Kids

This post contains affiliate links. 

valentine's Day collage

Can you believe it's 2014? Each year, as January 1st passes, I get excited about the first holiday. Valentine's Day!

I can remember when I was a kid how fun it was at school to make a "mailbox" from an old shoe box. The next day or so everyone would bring in their Valentine's Day cards to pass out. It was definitely one of my favorite days of each elementary school year!

Today I've gathered nine DIY Valentine's Day cards {or small gift ideas} for you and your kiddos to make together. I imagine their little faces will shine bright as they deliver each of them to their friends!

Valentine's Day Cards

/1/ Bubblegum Valentines - These are so fun! There's a bonus idea in this gal's blog post, too. {Tip: you can find the tubes of gumballs at Sam's Club. I saw them there just the other day.}

Valentine's Day Cards

/2/ Heart Gift Tags - You can use chocolate OR heart shaped trinkets for this printable tag.

Valentine's Day Cards

/3/ Love Potion Valentine - I love this idea! It's simple and SO unique. AND, it promotes drinking good ol' fashioned H2O!

Valentine's Day Cards

/4/ "Say Cheese!" Printable - The photographer in me LOVES this! Send this free printable to your local print shop for optimum color and quality.

Valentine's Day Cards

/5/ "In Good Hands" Printable Teacher Valentine - Do you love to spoil your kid's teachers? I do. They keep our silly monkeys six to seven hours of every day, after all. This is an inexpensive way to tell them you are thinking of them.


/6/ "Cake in a Cup" Valentine - Another great idea for the teachers. Pair it with a mug and call it done!

Valentine's Day Cards

/7/ Popcorn Valentine Printable - This is a Valentine for anyone you love! Friend, spouse, teacher, care taker, babysitter....the list goes on and on.

Valentine's Day Cards

/8/ Bobby Pin Valentine Printable - Are you crafty? Like, in a "I can make this AND wear it" kind of way? Well, you should share that crafty goodness with those you love! Here's a printable that allows you to show off in a loving way.

Valentine's Day Cards

/9/ Felt Heart Pocket Bracelet - My daughter would LOVE these. I think I might make her one just because I love her so. Who will you make one for?

Thinking back on Valentine's Day when I was a kid, the cards available were so blah! Just cards. Or, maybe my mom never sprung for the ones with candy. :o) Either way, these are SO MUCH COOLER than the ones offered twenty-five years ago. #whoa #imold #hashtagsdontcare

Want to see more great ideas? Go check out my post on Blissfully Domestic!

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Allstar Cheerleader Competition Goody Bag Ideas

This post may contain affiliate links. An affiliate link is simply one that will benefit me monetarily, only in the event you make a purchase. It costs you nothing extra, but helps this little blog of mine put food on the table for my family. 

Goody Bag Ideas Feature

Competition season of Allstar Cheerleading is upon us. The Allstar Cheerleading world is unlike any other sport I've ever been a part of. I mean, I was a Pop Warner cheerleader as a kid. I cheered for my high school. I was a soccer mom for a short time. I've even been a football mom for four years. But, Allstar Cheerleading? The saying, "Go big or go home!" totally applies to just about every aspect of this sport. Their ponytails are BIG; oftentimes made up of hair extensions, but still BIG. The uniform has enough bling on it to shine sparkles from here to the moon. Their routines are pushed to the limit of difficulty their division allows. Bigger. Better. Be the BEST! Don't get me wrong, I LOVE it. I'm the first one to find my way to center stage, right up front, to yell and scream for my girl and her team. Let's GO Red Reign!!! RCA! RCA! As soon as our girls get finished with the two and a half minute routine, that they've worked tirelessly to perfect over the past few months, and they walk off of the mat, they're looking for a goody bag. 

I think the original idea behind a cheerleaders goody bag was to give her a bottle of water or sports drink and a snack, to replenish what she just worked off. That's it. It likely didn't have much, if anything, more. But, as I just said, us cheer moms like BIG. So, add to the goody bag of water and a snack, a team t-shirt, a handmade fleece blanket (competition venues are always cold, so it's a GREAT gift idea), a personalized pouch...I could go on and on. In our two years of cheer, McKinley has received some really great goody bag gifts. 

Allstar Cheerleading Goody Bag 2

Allstar Cheerleading Goody Bag

Allstar Cheerleading Goody Bags 3

For my youngest daughter's team, Baby Braves, I made these pouches. Each one is personalized with the girls' initial, filled with a juice pouch, snacks, and a PlayPack. It's doubly fun when the goody bag holds an activity, to keep the girls busy while they wait for awards. 

I love these other ideas, too. You can find tons of other great ideas on my Pinterest board

Cheer goody bag gift ideas
This fun printable, found at, is a great way to show the girls you're rooting for them!

Cheer goody bag gift ideas
These super cute Personalized Starbucks cups aren't a DIY, but you can get them from this Etsy seller. I love that they can have each girl's name on them!

Cheer goody bag gift ideas
Printable really are such an easy and fun way to add a POP of color and CHEER to ordinary snacks or candies. Like this one found at I've been a long time reader over there, as they always have fun ideas!

I have seen some REALLY extravagant cheer goody bag gifts. And, while I enjoy seeing what's inside the bag as much as my daughter, I challenge you to not put too much pressure on yourself. Just have fun with it. Do what your budget will allow. Do NOT let pressure to do above and beyond what the mom(s) before you did. JUST HAVE FUN!! After all, isn't that what we tell our girls before they go out on the mat? 

Happy Competition Day! Good luck!

***Dare you say cheerleading isn't a sport, I challenge you to come to ONE competition. Watch these girls (guys, too) lift a girl equal to their own body weight, THROW her in the air, catch her, again and again, and continue on in her routine for a long two and a half minutes. You wouldn't last one stunt. There I said it. I'm a PROUD cheer mom!

Friday, December 1, 2017

Easy Handprint Christmas Tree Craft for Toddlers #WaterWipesWalmart

This post was sponsored by WaterWipes as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central and all opinions expressed in my post are my own.

Easy Handprint Craft for Toddlers

Hands down, my all-time favorite crafts for toddlers are handprint crafts. At Christmastime especially, you'll find countless tiny acrylic painted handprints on my Christmas tree, on my mantel, or hanging on my walls.

I enjoy making these crafts with your kids, too. So, if you leave your kids in my care, around the holidays, you'll likely be surprised with a tiny handprint craft of your very own to take home.

Today, I sat down with Mabry to create a handprint Christmas tree, that will become a keepsake ornament to be treasured for years to come. While it is a super easy craft, I took step-by-step photos for you, so you can make them with your own precious kids.

It's so easy. And...quality time, FTW!

You'll need:

  • a white piece of cardstock
  • a variety of acrylic paint colors, at least one of them to be green
  • a paint brush
  • a glitter star sticker, or you can paint your own star
  • a metallic marker, not pictured
  • a paper plate for your paint puddles
  • WaterWipes, sold at Walmart
Easy Handprint Craft for Toddlers

First, "paint" the palm of your child's hand green. 

Easy Handprint Craft for Toddlers

Next, have her put her handprint on the paper, pressing firmly, and lifting carefully and quickly. After they've printed their precious little hand onto paper, grab a WaterWipe to wipe their tiny hand clean of paint. With only TWO ingredients in WaterWipes, 99.9% pure Irish water and 0.1% grapefruit seed extract, you can rest assured that your little one won't be putting harmful chemicals in her mouth. 

Easy Toddler Craft for Christmas

Once you have the cutest little green handprint, you can decorate it, to become a Christmas tree. Using a variety of acrylic paint colors, have your little one dip a single fingertip into a single color and dot his/her handprint with "lights." Speaking from experience, it makes it more fun it you make little sounds like, "boop. boop." as each "light" is placed. 

Easy Toddler Craft for Christmas

Don't forget to wipe her finger clean of paint before dipping into the next color. 

water wipes walmart christmas 9

After she has finished her Christmas tree, she's inevitably going to want to paint freely. With WaterWipes, you can let her! No more worrying about clean hands, faces or surfaces. No more worrying about potential harsh chemicals found in other baby wipes. You can wipe them clean with WaterWipes, a safer, more natural option.

Easy Handprint Craft for Toddlers

Once she's completely finished painting, you can sit back and stare at her. Take it all in. She won't be this little for long. Hashtag babies don't keep.  BUT, you now have her tiny handprint to remember how small she once was. 

water wipes walmart christmas 10

Easy Christmas Tree Handprint Craft for Toddlers
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Sunday, August 20, 2017

Twelve Days of Family Medical Emergencies - Part Two

When it rains, it pours. If you can believe it, the saga continues, even after Part One. If you haven't read Part One of this story, click here. Go ahead, read it, I'll wait.

McKinley in the Hospital

On the morning of July 6th, I got home from my third visit to the ER. McKinley was already awake, sitting on the couch. She had been complaining of an upset tummy since the night before, and she had already vomited a couple of times. After a few hours of praying her upset tummy would get better on its own, it had already been about 8-10 hours of her not keeping anything down. Now, I feel it necessary to insert here, that I do not typically take myself or my children to the doctor, much less the hospital for every little ailment. But, given the recent events, I felt like she needed to go and be seen. Better safe than sorry, yes?

We got checked in around 6:30pm. The ER doctor asked all of the usual doctor questions, started an IV with fluids, gave her medication through her IV for nausea, and went off to order tests. The radiologist came in shortly after and wheeled her away for a x-ray. The results from the x-ray came back and a plan was developed. The doctor tried three different remedies before giving the unfortunate news, she needed to be admitted.

McKinley in the Hospital
Her daddy came to visit. Talk about a sight for sore eyes. He was just what she needed to let her know it was all going to be okay. This was also before she was admitted...and we had no idea we'd be there for a few days. Notice the "throw up bucket' on her lap. Bless her heart, she couldn't keep anything down, not even with the anti-nausea medication.

To the sixth floor of Wolfson Children's Hospital we went. It was after midnight by now. McKinley's first nurse was so sweet. Her name was Amika. She got McKinley into her non-slip hospital socks, tucked her into bed, showed her how to work the TV remote and nurse call button, and even got me something to eat for dinner. In the ER, McKinley wasn't allowed anything to eat or drink. Now that she was admitted, she could pretty much have whatever she wanted. Amika made sure our first nights stay was comfortable. I mean, as comfortable as one can be in a hospital. After everything that we had endured in the ER we only wanted to sleep. Next step, wait until the morning doctors came in to work, and a new plan would be put into action. Thankfully, McKinley didn't have any more spells of vomiting, so she was able to get some sleep. And, I was also able to get some sleep.

McKinley in the Hospital

The following morning a whole team of doctors came in. Like, eight of them, all at once. It was a bit overwhelming, actually. The lead doctor, I mean, I guess he was the lead, told us the plan, checked her belly sounds, and then told us he'd check back later. We actually never saw him again, LOL, but that's ok. His plan got my girl's belly working again. After many, MANY packets of Miralax, many mini bottles of Gatorade, a handful of stool softeners, a couple enemas, and goodness knows what else, her bowels began to move again. Who knew severe constipation could cause a hospital stay?

After three nights and four days in the hospital McKinley was ready to bust outta that joint! We couldn't wait to get our girl home and get back to enjoying our Summer vacation. Little did we know she wouldn't be the only person in our family to go to the hospital that week. Part three coming soon.

Did you know that constipation is common in children? The cause is usually a sudden change in diet, a child's already poor diet, not drinking enough water, too busy to stop and "go," and other reasons are among common reasons for constipation in children. I'm going to assume, in McKinley's case, it was a diet that consists of LOTS of bread (she LOVES bread) and playing too hard to stop and "go." These are my guesses, we'll never really know. What I do know now is, we will certainly take precautionary measures to ensure our children go everyday. Lots of water, exercise, and a daily probiotic.


McKinley had many visitors. I can't thank each of these friends enough for visiting my girl. Their company lifted her spirits and gave her hope that everything would be a-okay. They brought gifts and sat and colored and played with her. Thank you, friends!

McKinley in the Hospital
This sweet dog came in to visit her, too. This was on her first morning, so she wasn't feeling well at all. You can see it in her face. 
McKinley's Hospital Visitors
McKinley's 2nd grade teacher, Miss Ketner, stopped in to visit. Although she wasn't feeling real well, we decided to take a walk through the halls. I'm glad we did, we found the art and game room!

McKinley's Hospital Visitors

McKinley's Hospital Visitors
Our besties, Cheyenne, Tonya, and Hailey came to visit. Cheyenne was so sweet with McKinley. She helped her push her IV pole around the hallways. 
McKinley's Hospital Visitors
You can see she was beginning to feel better. Her daddy came to visit her after work one day, and they went down to the play room to get some painting in.
McKinley's Hospital Visitors
Once back in her room, Daddy did a little painting of his own. He painted his princesses toenails. 
McKinley's Hospital Visitors
Grandma and Papa came to play, too. 
One of McKinley's best cheer friends came two times to see her. The first day Presli came McKinley was still really sick and not feeling well. You could tell that Presli was unsure of the situation, she was quiet and kept her distance. The next time she came, McKinley was feeling a LOT better and, well, these two were acting super silly!
Cheyenne also came twice. McKinley sure has some great friends!