Monday, March 23, 2015

Disneynature's Monkey Kindgom Coming Soon!

disneynature monkey kingdom

Last year, I had the privilege of seeing Disneynature's Bears while at Disney Social Media Moms in Disneyland before it came out in theatres. It was magical. I knew instantly that I needed to have this movie in my family's video library, because my animal-loving son, Jett, would adore watching the bears and gaining new knowledge of these great animals. In fact, I need to have ALL of the Disneynature movies in my collection. I have a feeling they would get watched all.of.the.time!


This year, on Earth Day, Disneynature is releasing a new movie, Monkey Kingdom. This time it's about monkeys! {in case you didn't get that from the title. LOL} Who doesn't love the cute little faces of monkeys? Even those seemingly grumpy gorillas are cute!


Watch the short videos below and then make your plans! Earth Day is April 17, 2015. 

Life is an adventure for Maya, the clever and resourceful blonde-bobbed monkey in “Monkey Kingdom,”
Disneynature’s new feature film set among ancient ruins in the storied jungles of South Asia. Maya’s world is
forever changed when she welcomes her son, Kip, into her complicated extended family. Like all families, Maya’s
has more than its share of colorful personalities—and she’s determined to give her son a leg up in the world. When
their longtime home at Castle Rock is taken over by powerful neighboring monkeys, Maya's whole family retreats,
and she uses her street smarts and ingenuity to uncover untapped resources amidst strange new creatures and
unsettling surroundings. Ultimately, they will all have to work together to reclaim Castle Rock, where Maya can
hopefully realize her dreams for her son’s future.
Featuring a rich variety of characters, including a mischievous mongoose, simple-minded langur monkeys,
predatory leopards and monitor lizards, “Monkey Kingdom” is narrated by Tina Fey (“30 Rock”), directed by Mark
Linfield (“Chimpanzee,” “Earth”) and co-directed by Alastair Fothergill (“Chimpanzee,” “Bears”). With music from
award-winning composer Harry Gregson-Williams ("The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the
Wardrobe," “Shrek” movies), Disneynature’s eighth True Life Adventure—the follow-up to 2014’s “Bears”—swings
into theaters April 17, 2015.
Set in the storied jungles of South Asia, “Monkey Kingdom” showcases the adventures of new mom Maya, a clever
and resourceful blonde-bobbed monkey who’s determined to give her son a leg up in the world.

From Oscar, Sita, Scout, and the countless wild creatures we share this planet with, thank you! Disneynature is making a difference. With every ticket purchased for Disneynature’s Monkey Kingdom opening week (4/17 – 4/23), Disney will donate to benefit Conservation International to help benefit monkeys and other endangered species in their natural habitat.

To read my post on Disneynature's Bears click here

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Monday, March 16, 2015

How to Get Your Favorite Instagram Photos Out of Digital Lock-Up

A few favorite photos from 2015 printed. �� The black and white ones wall start a wall project, much like the one seen on @underthesycamore. �� Lets get our photos out of digital "lock-up" and into our hands! Hang them. Put them in

2015 will be the year I get my favorite Instagram photos off of my computer, out of digital lock-up, and print them. The black and white ones will become a huge collage above my fireplace. All of 2015's best memories will be on display for us to see everyday. The ones in color will go in a scrapbook or photo album...any book that my kids can hold and flip through. Trust me, it won't be anything fancy. And, that's okay. 

I use the self-printer at Walmart to print my photos in 4x4 size. 

When is the last time you printed photos to be enjoyed? It can be overwhelming, I know. But, it doesn't have to be.  

Here's my best tip: print a months worth at a time. If you start now, you can print only your favorites from January and February to be caught up for 2015. Then, at the end of March, you can print only your favorites from March. {If you want to work on 2014, too, print one month from 2014 each time you print for a month in 2015.} 

I'd love to see your favorite photography project. Scrapbooks, photo journals, collage walls...share them with me! You can find me on twitter, instagram and pinterest as jonahbonah. Let's be friends!

Saturday, March 14, 2015

5 Easy St Patrick's Day Recipes {and Kids Crafts}

5 easy saint patricks day recipes

As a mom, I always have these really great intentions when it comes to celebrating holidays with my kids. I peruse Pinterest for the most perfect ideas, I pin them and then I forget about them. Or, time gets away from me. This year will be different. At least, I'm hoping so. 

I've gathered 5 Easy St Patrick's Day recipes that I am going to strive to make for my family. Pancakes for the morning, a fruit pizza for lunch {Who cares if it has a cookie crust! My kids will LOVE me!}, Beef Pot Pies for dinner and a couple of snacks for throughout the day. I'm actually looking forward to March 17 now! Keep reading to get the recipes for yourself.

/1/ Green Pancakes Topped with Lucky Charms - Jamielyn at I Heart Naptime says she throws Lucky Charm marshmallows into the pancake batter sometimes to take the pancakes over the top!

/2/ Rainbow Fruit Pizza - My kids are HUGE fruit eaters...they will FLIP for this sweet {but healthy} pizza!

/3/ Guinness and Beef Pot Pies - I've always been a little intimidated by homemade pot pies, but Mary at Home is Where the Boat is makes them look easy!

/4/ Shamrock Shake - Have you guys checked out Amy at Living Locurto? She has some of the most amazing party ideas in the blogosphere! This shamrock shake is definitely one of them! My favorite touch is the rainbow on top.

/5/ Lucky Charms Munch - Oh my! It's a good thing St Patrick's Day only comes around once a year...this Lucky Charms Munch looks like something I could snack on

Looking for a few St. Patrick's Day crafts to keep the kids busy. Check out my post over on Blissfully Domestic for some really great kids crafts ideas!


How will you celebrate St Patrick's Day? Tell me about it on Twitter!

Friday, March 13, 2015

Have Courage and Be Kind {a Disney's Cinderella Review}


Do you remember when there would be a Disney movie on TV on Sunday nights? The Magical World of Disney, it was called. I can still recall sitting on the couch with my little sister and brother, with our popcorn and blankets, to watch whichever movie was coming on that night. I grew up LOVING Disney movies. All of them. I don't think I've watched a single one and not liked it, at least a little. 

The original Cinderella was always a favorite. Even as a kid, I can remember it being a story of hope and overcoming a temporary circumstance. {My thoughts were maybe not as deep, but I could feel it.} If Cinderella could find her Prince Charming, we all can. Or, maybe I was just thinking that there's a good and handsome man out there for us all. If she found him, so can we. I digress. 


In the NEW, non-animated, beautifully written and directed, modern version of Cinderella, you can expect the same kind and gentle Ella {Lily James} being tormented by her evil stepmother {Cate Blanchett} and two ugly-hearted step sisters {Sophie McShera and Holliday Grainger}. She's still very much so a lover of animals. Gus Gus is in the movie, of course! He was always my favorite mouse. 


She's given the name Cinderella after...well, you'll want to see that scene for yourself. Once her Fairy Godmother {Helena Bonham Carter} makes a way for her to make it to the Royal Ball, she finds Prince Charming {Richard Madden} and, just like in the old movie, they fall in love. 


The writers found a fresh way to re-tell a classic story. The 2015 version is not exactly like the 1950 version. {Was it really that long ago that the original Cinderella debuted?} For instance, we're given a glimpse of Cinderella's mother before she passes away...but, not before she gives her advice that could be used by all of us today. Have courage and be kind. 

I really don't want to give anymore spoilers. Trust me when I say, you are NOT going to want to miss seeing Cinderella on the Big Screen. Look for it in IMAX even. 

Disney's NEW Cinderella opens everywhere, today, March 13th. Grab your prince charming or little princesses and make it a date night tonight!

I was given advance screening tickets to see Cinderella before it opened. The review you just read is my opinion. I was NOT paid to write a review. All photos are courtesy of Disney.

Friday, February 13, 2015

No Political Party Needed -- The Capitol Steps in Jacksonville, FL


Now performing in Jacksonville {until February 15}, The Capitol Steps. Made up of five comedians and a pianist who take the stage to mock all-things-politics.

The Capitol Steps was started in 1981 by Bill Strauss, Jim Aidala and Elaina Newport, at a Christmas party in the office for former Senator Charles Percy. Over the past 34 years, the Capitol Steps have recorded thirty-one albums and appeared on Good Morning America, the Today Show, 20/20, Entertainment Tonight, Nightline, CNN's Inside Politics and NPR's All Things Considered.

Many of the performers have worked in politics, for Republicans, Democrats and for "those who sit firmly on the fence."

The Capitol Steps fully admit that they have an odd way of looking at the news. When they hear of a scandal, they don't think about whether it's good or bad for the country. Their two questions are {1} is it funny? and {2} what rhymes with it? Next thing you know, someone wakes up screaming an idea for a parody. Ideas are constantly being thrown in by almost everyone for the backwards talk, Lirty Dies, in fact, the entire cast has tharted to stink that way! {Y'all HAVE to hear them tell stories in this backwards talk manner. It's HILARIOUS! As you're understanding what they are talking about, you're laughing at the last joke!}

A few of the hilarious parodies that were sang the other night were, "Putin on a Blitz", "Greece! The Musical." and "Sixteen Scandals."

Not all of the jokes are about politics. There was a splash of Justin Beiber and some talk of email hacking.

If it has been in the news in the last couple of weeks, the Capitol Steps has a joke. If you don't keep up with the news because it's too boring, go to the Capitol Steps, they'll fill you in on all current events AND have you laughing your head off!

Grab a friend, Republican or Democrat, and go see the show all of D.C. is talking about! Tickets available here

What a fun night out at The Capitol Steps, with my sister @clairebear91.  Jacksonville, if you're in tune with current events, or even if you aren't, this political comedy is for YOU!  Playing at the Wilson Center of the Arts at FSCJ South Campus February

The Capitol Steps...they put the MOCK in Democracy. I'm ready to laugh. ���� #broadwayjax #theCapitolSteps #jonahbonahinjax #ilovejax #moreartculture

Disclaimer: I received two tickets to the Capitol Steps in exchange for social media promotion and this review. All opinions are my own.

Monday, February 9, 2015

The Book of Mormon {a Broadway Jax Performance}

The Bookof Mormon Logo

On Wednesday evening, I had the amazing opportunity to go see The Book of Mormon on Broadway, right here in Jacksonville, FL. I had never heard of the musical before the invite. I had no idea what it was about. I gathered that it was probably about being a Mormon, but I didn't know the plot or story line. I asked around and no one that I knew seemed to know or had even heard of it. After doing a little research, I found that The Book of Mormon is a nine-time Tony Award winning Musical! Written by the creators of South Park, I knew it had to be a comedy of some sort, as well.

Being a lover of musical theater, I knew I wanted to go, even if I had no idea what The Book of Mormon was about or that I'm no fan of South Park. I went with an open mind and zero expectations.

I told you before I went on Wednesday. It's taken me until now to put pen to paper, if you will. I needed to process all that I had seen on that stage in two short hours. As the curtain opened and the first door bell rang, I was captivated. The Temple that framed the stage the beautiful, the lights were bright, the musical talent in the performers was already proving to be super. As each Elder took his place on stage, it only got better. There were some lines that were funny and there were others that were down right hilarious!

After the Elders were paired for their first missions trip, the show really started. The night of the performance I was kind of turned off by the language being used and the seemingly lack of respect for religion, but, honestly, it's real life, that's the way missionaries are really treated. After the Elders reached their mission destination, Uganda, Africa, they were faced with a raw, eye-opening scene, much like that of actual Uganda. They were welcomed with hatred and violence. Mormons are really encountering this today. Christians are. Catholics are. We ALL are. And, not only in Uganda.

Wednesday night, I felt like, while The Book of Mormon was filled with amazing talent, costumes and stage props, the whole story was a slap in the face to religion. But, after mulling it over and listening to the creators talk about the journey in creating the show, I see that it's just a really funny, sometimes vulgar and inappropriate, but realistic view of what all religions and missionaries face today.

I've never experienced Mormonism firsthand to have something to compare to and say that this musical is a mockery of Mormonism. Maybe there are some scenes where the Elders are a little more animated than what an actual Elder would be. But, overall, now that I've had time to think on the way faith was portrayed and there was a LOT of talk about Jesus, and none that I thought was disrespectful towards Jesus himself, I really enjoyed the show. {I took my friend, Randi, along and she thought it was so great!}

My final review in just a few short words? "Riveting, Colorful, Hilarious, Sometimes Raunchy, Must-See {if you can handle the language and vulgarity *snort*}!"

Here's just a short video of what the creators said about their musical.

Have you seen The Book of Mormon? What did you think? I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Thank you The Artist Series Jax for providing me with two tickets in exchange for my review/promotion on social media?

Monday, February 2, 2015

Budget-Friendly Valentine's Day Card for Kids

I never TIRE of our Friendship Valentine

Valentine's Day cards for the kid's classmates have been on the store's shelves for weeks already. Every year I see them, and every year I know I want to do something more. I want something my kids will LOVE to give their friends!

While at the Dollar Tree the other day I came across 3-packs of toy cars. PERFECT! {I would've bought the more expensive cars, if I had to. But, since this was an option, I was all about cutting my cost by a third!}

I never TIRE of our Friendship Valentine

I was going to just have Jett give toy cars to the boys and the girls, but then I found something super cute for the girls. So, both McKinley and Jett will pass these cute car valentines out to the BOYS in their class. Check back later this week for the GIRL Valentines that the kids will be giving!

Visit to find this and other super cute Valentine's Day printables. Use the code IHEARTFREE to take advantage of an amazing BOGO offer that Natalie has going on right now!

Want to save even more money? Here's a 50-count of cars for less than 30 cents a car!

Disclaimer: I received the printable featured in this post for free in exchange for my promoting on Instagram. Because I thought you would love it so much, I decided to promote it here, too!