Monday, November 24, 2014

Last Minute Craft Ideas for Thanksgiving

last minute craft ideas for thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is only days away. DAYS! But, there's still plenty of time to make some Indians and Pilgrims or re-enact the Mayflower. Today, I have a bunch of great crafts that you can make with your kids just in time for Turkey Day!

family of indians craft for kids
/1/ Family of Indians - How much fun would it be to put your head on little Indian bodies? Ooh, you could use these as place cards at your Thanksgiving table! How cute would that be?

I am thankful pumpkin
/2/ Thankful Pumpkin - Cut strips of orange paper, ask the kids what they are most thankful for and create a pumpkin from the strips. During dinner you can talk about all of these things.

thankful tree
/3/ Thankful Tree - Have the kids color this Thankful Tree before your guests arrive. Leave a small basket filled with paper leaves and a marker on a table next to it and have each of your friends and family write what they are thankful for and pin it to the tree. 

/4/ Football Turkey - One thing I remember about Thanksgiving as a child was the TV being turned on after dinner. It was always football. These football turkeys are perfect if you're also a football loving family!

/5/ Bubble Wrap Turkey - If you can keep your kids from popping all of the bubbles in the bubble wrap then you'll have bubble wrap turkeys, too!

turkey hand print card
/6/ Turkey Hand Print Card - These Blessings cards would be a very nice way to tell someone that you're thankful for them. Keep snail mail alive!

/7/ Hand Print Native Americans - I just LOVE hand print crafts! They just might be my favorite craft ever! So, when I found these little Indians I had to share them with you!

mayflower pilgrims
/8/ Pilgrim Hand Prints - Teach your children a bit of World History as they create this hand print Mayflower craft. A teaching lesson AND a craft. Win-win!

/9/ Napkin Holder Placecards - You could either use construction paper or recycle paper towel tubes to re-create these Indian and Pilgrim napkin holders. 

chief headdress indian craft
/10/ Chief Headdress Indian Craft - I've always wanted to make my kids great big Chief Headdresses and build a tee-pee in the backyard for a photoshoot. I'm thinking this tutorial is exactly what I needed to make it happen!

/11/ Printable Coloring Placemat - Do you have a Kids' Table at your Thanksgiving Feast? I bet if these placemats would've been offered when I was a kid I would've been more okay with sitting at a separate table than everyone else.
Will you be making Thanksgiving Crafts with your kids? I'd love to see what you make. Share a link in the comments or tag me on Instagram!

For more Thanksgiving Crafts for kids go to Blissfully Domestic and see what else I've found for you!

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

A Protein-Packed Snack Choice {Hillshire Snacking}

Disclosure #spon: I'm required to disclose a relationship between our site and Hillshire. This could include Hillshire providing us w/content, product, access or other forms of payment.

It's no secret I have a large family. I mean, we're not the Duggars but, five kids in one family is considered large these days. While I would love to have a healthy snack of cut-up apples, gluten-free crackers and sliced organic cheese laid out for my kids when they walk through the door from school, it's just not that easy. I use every minute they're away from home to clean the house, take care of Mabry {who's still at home}, do the laundry and tend to any other household duties. Enter the NEW Hillshire Snacking plates! I CAN now have a healthy snack laid out for them that is also packed with protein {at least 15g per serving!}. Know what that means? Full bellies until dinnertime! {my kids would set up camp in the pantry, if I let them!}

New Hillshire Snacking features premium meats like grilled, seasoned chicken breast and hand crafted salami, and at least 15g of protein per serving. Available in 8 different varieties, including Grilled Chicken Bites paired with Teriyaki or Sweet Chili dipping sauce and Small Plates with Genoa Salami and Gouda, Hillshire Snacking options are perfectly portioned for an everyday snack at home or on-the-go, no prep required. 

Hillshire Snacking

Hillshire Snacking Grilled Chicken Bites and Small Plates are going to be perfect for moms {and dads} when they need to pack a lunch for the next field trip they chaperone! {I sure wish I had one of these on the zoo field trip I went on last week. You better believe I'll have one when we go to the museum in two weeks!} 

My snack of choice yesterday while working? The NEW Hillshire Snacking Plates are so delicious and LOADED in protein! {yes, twitter is work when you work in social media��} #HillshireSnackPros #uniqueway #ad

There are many days that I am working at home and just don't have the time to stop and make myself something for lunch. With any one of these varieties in my fridge {they are ALL delicious!} I can have a quick lunch that will satisfy my hunger. 

I have to also share this story with you. I went to Super Target the other day to pick up a handful of these to share with my family. I also needed them for photos. The next morning I went to the fridge and found that two of the snack plate varieties were missing. It was a huge mystery until I sent a text to my husband. He said "I'm sorry but, those things are GOOD". Okay, I can't argue with that! So, a little warning...these are sure to disappear from your fridge almost as quickly as you stock them!

Want to get your hands on Hillshire Snacking varieties today? You can find them in the refrigerated aisle of Cincinnati, OH, Dayton, OH and Northern Kentucky Kroger stores, as well as at King Soopers and Super Target stores nationwide! What are you waiting for? Go!

Also, check out the sweeps that is going on now through November 15!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

I Just Can't Clean This Place {a parody}

For years, I've tried to convince Hubs that I am doing all I can to keep this house clean. Since the release of All About That Bass, a few moms have put together a parody video that showcases my true feelings on the matter of how I just can't clean this place. Maybe this'll convince him I'm not alone? {I love the blogger mention...although, I'm for sure not the blogger they're referring to. LOL}

Tell me your greatest struggle in housework. Mine? Laundry!

Monday, November 3, 2014

8 of the Best Elf on the Shelf Ideas

While there are still a few weeks before your Elf returns from the North Pole, I thought it would be nice to give you a few ideas of what you can do with, a few ideas of what shenanigans he may pull while he's in your home.

8 of the best elf on the shelf ideas

Last year, our elf, Snowflake, introduced himself though a Magic Door in our living room. My kids were skeptical at first but, they each grew to enjoy seeing where Snowflake would be the following morning. Truth be told, I had a lot of fun with it, too!

elf on the shelf magic door
{I got the door from Michael's, spray painted it white, sprinkled with LOTS of glitter and nailed to the wall. The little wreath is a mini wreath that I found a 6-pack of, also at Michael's. The string of lights is a necklace from Walgreens that really lights up! Finally, the door mat is a scrap of Christmas burlap that I sewed and then made fray a bit on the edges. }

Last year I had every intention in making Snowflake bendable. Because I never got around to it, he was limited in what he could pull off. This year I'm not holding back! I'm going to follow the directions in this tutorial and make it happen!

Wanna see what Snowflake may be up to this year? Here are a few great ideas I found!

Chocolate wasted elf
We'll call this one Chocolate Lover. Imagine the looks on your kid's faces when they come down to see their elf digging into the chocolate chips!

Elf on the Shelf Replace Stockings
This naughty elf replaced all of the stockings with the family's undies. {even a baby diaper!} Do elves get put on the naughty list??

holiday help
How many Charlie Brown's Christmas fans do we have? Set up this "the elf is in" booth for your kids to enjoy.

snowball fight
Have a little wintry fun indoors with your elf and one of his best pals. Create a couple Lego walls and have them "throw" marshmallows at one another for a good old fashioned snowball fight!

cookies, please
Elves get hungry, too. This elf was making it pretty clear to his family that he was in the mood for a sweet snack. He said please. I wonder if he ever got his cookies?? You'll have to click through to the original blogger to see. 

blame game
My kids have a horrible habit of blaming it {whatever "it" may be at the moment} on their brother or sister...whoever isn't in the room gets the blame. Every time. How funny will it be when the roles are reversed? This Blame Game WILL be played by our very own Snowflake!

Your turn. Leave me a link with your best elf shenanigans. I may put together another round-up of ideas and feature yours!

**There are a couple of affiliate links within this post. This simply means that when you purchase from said links, I get a small percentage of your purchase to help support my family.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Halloween 2014

With every passing Halloween my kids get a little more chill with their costumes. This year Jake didn't dress up at all, Jonah wore his football pads and helmet, Jett wore a Zombie Doctor costume that we found at the children's consignment store yesterday, McKinley was Elsa {of course!} and Mabry wore a hand-me-down leopard costume from her cousin. Each year I have high hopes of dressing as a themed family...and maybe when life slows down my dream will come true. {Although, I mentioned to Hubs yesterday that we have just the right amount of people in our family to dress-up as The Seven Dwarfs and his response was, "McKinley has always wanted to be a dwarf." **insert LOTS of sarcasm** So, maybe I'll never have that dream come true, after all.}

I'm kind of okay with Halloween just coming together the way it does. My kids all have fun trick-or-treating for candy, we have family and neighbors over for chili {it's become a tradition} and we sit and enjoy the evening while the kids play. Last night was no exception. It was fun.

Before the sun set I snapped these few photos. My kids and my niece and nephew. All cuties!

Halloween Family 2014

Salt & Pepper, Anna and Cowboy
{my sister-in-law and her family}

Anna and Elsa

Cowboy Noah

Mabry as a Leopard

Queen Elsa Close-Up

Princess Anna

Halloween 2014
{with some friends}

Anna and Elsa 2014

Queen Elsa

How was your Halloween? What did your little goblins dress up as??

Monday, October 27, 2014

Monday, Bring It!

laugh in yo face, monday
I can't even handle the cute! 

Her face and her shirt are a mess and her hair is wild. But, that smile? It's the absolute BEST! That laugh that, unfortunately, you can't hear, is intoxicating! She is laughing hysterically at her brothers in this shot. All I can think about is that tomorrow is Monday and I have LOADS to do. All she's thinking is Monday, you're the next best day I get to be with my family who loves me! Oh, to be a kid again...not a care in the world!

What is on your Monday agenda? I have a fourth grade field trip to chaperone, jonahbonah packages that need to be shipped, an order or two that need to be sewn, potential Plexus clients to reach out to, a house to clean, a husband to love on, kids to hug and kiss and so, SO much more! Let's do this, girls! No wimps allowed!!

Monday, October 20, 2014

*UPDATED* My Grown Up Christmas List {2014 Edition}

Each year I get asked the same question, "What would you like for Christmas?" And, each year I say, "I don't know. How about ____?" After the New Year rolls around I'm always glad I got a gift card or two and some cash for means I get to go out and buy that other thing I forgot I wanted. Us girls have a lot of wants...we just forget what they are when put on the spot.

This year, when the things I'd like to have most came to mind, I decided to add them to this list of things I'm dreaming of! {it's also a sneaky ploy to gain more page views on this here blog, too. I kid. Maybe.}

Without further ado, my grown up Christmas list... {in no particular order}

Alex and Ani Christmas Bracelets

I am IN LOVE with these bracelets...and feel the need to own one of each. I currently only have one, the Disneyland one. I got it as my one special souvenir from being invited and attending Disney Social Media Moms in California this past April. I'm dying for more!

Y'all! I need these tees in my life. First, Florida is HOME. Second, I say "y'all" all of the time! It's a southern thing.

Samsung Camera
Samsung Galaxy Camera

While on assignment at a recent media event to Kissimmee, FL I discovered the need for this beauty! While the iPhone takes amazing photos, my storage is always fully occupied. With this amazing camera as my back-up I can shoot and send photos directly to social media outlets with the built-in wi-fi. It's a must-have for any blogger or social media extraordinaire!

ariat women's boots
Ariat Women's Boots in size 8

Speaking of Y'ALL, how do I live in the South and not own a pair of cowgirl boots?? I've wanted a pair for a couple of years now but, that price tag. This is a "Wish List", after all. Maybe Santa will be extra nice this year?

Otterbox Resurgence Power Case

If you know me in real life then you know that my iPhone battery is constantly dying. I have a charger in my truck and in the house. I go through those every few months because even they are always dying. When I found out OtterBox had this new Resurgence Power Case that will keep my iPhone battery charged twice as long, I knew I had to add it to my Grown Up Christmas List!

Since changing my eating habits and lifestyle a few months ago, I've been eager to learn. I want to know ALL of the good foods to eat and ALL of the bad! Knowledge is POWER! This Practical Paleo book looks like a wealth of information that I'm looking for.

olloclip for iphone5
Olloclip for the iPhone 5

I have dreamed of one of these for a very long time. How cool would it be to capture Jett's bug finds with the Macro lens? And, the Fish Eye lens is just awesome! This is something I just wouldn't buy for much as I love it, throughout the year my family needs more important things. But, to receive it as a gift? That's a whole new ball game!

six pack bag
6 Pack Fitness Tote

Eating healthy has its downfall when we go out as a family. It has effected the options I have when we go out to restaurants or even for a family outing. With the 6 Pack Fitness Tote I can pack my healthy foods in individual containers and tuck them inside this fancy cooler bag. There's room for food containers, water bottles, supplements AND the things I would normally carry in my purse. A fit girl's best friend! {In case you're wondering all about on the link under the picture and check out all of the features. If you struggle to find healthy food options, like I do, when you go out for the day you're gonna want one for yourself!}

*This momma has a million things going on in her mind at any given moment. So, this list is bound to be added to...but, my mind will not change on anything already listed. I have been dreaming of these things for a really long time. :o)

**Under each picture is a link to each product that I'm dreaming of. Some of them may be affiliate links. This simply means that in purchasing a gift for me, you're also helping me purchase gifts for my children. :o)