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Sunday, June 1, 2014

Summer Fun {Build a Fort}

Summer Fun {Build a Fort}

My kids get out of school this coming Friday. Since Summer camps are probably not going to happen this Summer, I need to get creative in keeping 5 kids busy all day for the next two months. If I hear "I'm bored" even one time I'm handing that particular child a bottle of spray cleaner and paper towels and sending them to clean the baseboards! {I've done it before. I do it often. As a result, I just might have the cleanest baseboards on the block!}

I have a few ideas up my sleeve. I plan to start a little Summer Fun series here at jonahbonah to share them with you. My hope is that it'll save you also from hearing "I'm bored."

Idea #1. Build a fort.

Summer Fun {Build a Fort}

When I was a kid I loved building a fort. Either in my bedroom or under the dining room table. There was something about being hidden behind those sheets or blankets with my favorite toys or dolls and playing all by myself. Truth be told, if I could build a fort now and hide in it for even 5 minutes, I would do it. Momma needs a break. :o)

Now, my kids love for me to build them a fort. Sometimes we bring the dining room table chairs into the living room and drape blankets over them to make a huge fort for either playing in or watching a movie.

The other day the boys leaned four landscaping timbers up against a tree in the backyard and left them. I'm not sure what their original intentions were but, when I saw them there the next day I knew they were the perfect "bones" to make a great fort. While McKinley was busy playing with her brothers Lego bricks I snuck outside with a few vintage sheets and tied them to the timbers.

I laid a sheet on the ground and fixed her a portable lunch. We took the toys outside that she was playing with. She was all set to go have an afternoon alone within the walls of those sheets. It came as no surprise that she loved it!

Summer Fun {Build a Fort}

Unfortunately, it rained the next day so the fort had to come down. But, I know now that if I build a fort, they will come. And have fun! We will FOR SURE be making more forts this summer!

Summer Fun {Build a Fort}

Do you have any Summer Fun Ideas? I'd love to hear them! I just might recreate your idea and feature it here on jonahbonah.

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