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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Isn't *3* a little young???

Jonah, I'm sad to report, has his first broken bone. Well, not exactly's a fracture. And, the way I understand it, it's not even like a crack type of fracture. He has a Buckle Fracture. Crazy huh! I've now told this story so many times I'm tired of saying it. Maybe typing it will be easier....LOL!

Saturday night we had my mom and step dad over for dinner. Jake and Jonah were done eating and were in the living room playing. The living room and the dining room are seperated by the kithcen so we couldn't see what they were doing. Next thing we know Jonah is running to us crying in definite pain. (Us mommies know our babies cries! Right???!!!) So we asked what happened. The story was he was running and he ran into the end table. Mind you it's the ONLY table in there and it's not very big at all. I don't have a coffee table for this very reason. The thought of bumped noggins or worse scares me. Anyway, his wrist is what hurts. We wait it out to see if maybe he just hit it hard and like stunned it. Kinda like hitting your funny bone. We gave him some Iboprofin and he was off playing again! He's a tough boy!!

Sunday morning comes and he still is in pain. So it's definitely time to go to the ER. We get there at like 8:30 and we were called in right away. The triage nurse asked me what happened. I begin telling her that the boys were running and he ran into the table. Jonah interupts with "No, no, no! What happened was I was standing on the table and jumped off into the chair and bent it like this!" My mouth fell open. WHAT????!!! All this time I thought something else happened....I guess it took someone REALLY important to tell the truth to.

It doesn't need setting or surgery but requires a cast. He has a soft cast right now. He looks just pitiful!!!! I think Daddy was near tears when he saw him in a cast for the first time! He's such a softy!!!

I can't wait til he gets the hard cast. This soft cast looks horrible!!!

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