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Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Ok, so since it's midnight and I'm bored....I was looking at others' blogs. I love looking at blogs. So much fun!! Anywho, I came across this one...WhiMSy love. Her blog is LOTS of fun to read. I think I'll bookmark it and go back for another visit!!

Point of my ramblings?? She had this fun little thing she did...that she copied off of someone else's blog....that I am now copying from her!

Here it is. I just fill in the blanks after each "I" question...I guess you would have figured it out all on your own though! :o)

I am: blessed to have a WONDERFUL husband who loves me...for ME!
I think: I'm beginning to get tired! :o)
I know: Jesus loves me.
I have: more than I could have ever imagined for myself.
I wish: my husband were here with me right now.
I hate: housework.
I miss: my grandma.
I fear: bugs.
I hear: my computers fan.
I smell: nothing right now.
I crave: Thanksgiving dinner at Grandmas.
I search: for just a bit of quiet time every day.
I wonder: if the country will make the right choice in our next President.
I regret: not paying more attention in high school.
I love: my family.
I ache: because early contractions are NO fun!
I am not: the brightest crayon in the box...hence, wishing I payed (or is it paid) more attention in school.
I believe: in the Bible.
I dance: nope. ask my husband...he wishes I could dance!
I sing: to my boys because they listen and ask me for "just one more song Mommy, please".
I cry: all the time. blasted hormones...thinking about these things is making me cry! :o)
I fight: because I believe strongly about what we're arguing about.
I win: not very often.
I lose: my mind when there are three little boys all saying "Mom" at the same time...over and over and over!
I never: want to be without my husband.
I always: sew.
I confuse: hmmm...I'm not sure about this one...
I listen: very well. I've gotten better at this actually.
I can usually be found: behind my sewing machine or at the computer.
I am scared: of all things scary.
I need: to get more organized.
I am happy about: finally being blessed with a little girl!
I imagine: so much. beachy vacations with my hubby and kiddos, romantic getaways with JUST my hubby, long road trips with no real plan of where we're headed, and scrapbooks FULL of all the memories!

If you copy this and put it in your blog send me a link! I'd love to learn more about you!

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Beki - TheRustedChain said...

I love Nikki! Her blog is way cute and she's one of the sweetest ladies around.

Great list! It was really interesting.