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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I'm a crafty gal!


I saw this logo and literally laughed out loud! I've always thought of myself as crafty....but, this is just hilarious!!!!

I don't think I've even really blogged about being pregnant. Or, I have but I haven't said a whole lot about it. I figured everyone knows so why go on and on...right?

Well, I'll tell you a bit. We are expecting baby #4!! Four babies...holy moly!!! And may I add that that is 4 kiddos UNDER the age of 7...WHOA! Two of which will still be in diapers...OUCH! And we only have one is a momma suppost to just kick her 'right now' baby out of the crib to make room for 'new baby'??? Can you tell this pregnancy was a big fat SURPRISE!!!!!!!!

What's pretty funny too (to me) is that my cousin and sister are pregnant too. One due in October, one due in November and then me in December. We were all pregant together before too (with Jonah, Nolan and Easton)! Well, when they told me they were pregnant this time I told hubby that we should have another so we could all be pregnant together AGAIN...half joking!! (he saw no humor in it!)...a couple of weeks later, to our SURPRISE, I really was pregnant!!!! :o)

God listened to me! :o)

McKinley Rose will be here sometime in December...I never wanted a Christmas baby....seems so unfair at birthday and Christmas time (for the may work out great for me!)

So, this gives my Dad and step mom SEVEN grandkids (soon to be EIGHT when my brother's wife has their little girl) and my mom will have (just) my FOUR! The in-laws only have (only) our FOUR too. My sister in law needs to get on the ball!! She's got a lot of catching up to do! :o)


Beki - TheRustedChain said...

I love that logo too! Too funny.

Michelle said...

That's too funny! Big A's birthday is in the beginning of December and she totally loves it! She loves all that attention! :-)