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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

do all preggo women have these troubles??

so today i'm thinking i'm doing a good thing by running into the gas station down the street for a cappacino instead of pulling through the starbuck's drive thru....but, i couldn't have been any more wrong on that one! that extra $3.50 would have been worth my pain and suffering!

i walk in, notice that the lady is mopping...think nothing of it, get my cappacino and proceed to the register. there are two men standing all sorts of in the way when the cashier next to their cashier says she can take the next person in line. that's ME! so i go to step around the men hogging the WHOLE counter and SLIP and FALL! yep, as my left leg slipped out to the side my right knee smashed into the floor. (can you believe i didn't spill my HOT drink all of the place or ME?? not even a drop out of the cup! i guess you could say i slipped gracefully! LOL) do you remember that i am 8+ months preggo??? the cashier asks if i'd like for her to call an ambulance.... "NO! i would love it if you could call those army people and tell them to send my hubby home!" i didn't really say that but i couldn't help but think that if jake were here this wouldn't have happened...although what would he have done? he probably wouldn't have even been with me. i was just feeling sorry for myself...

so, i fell, they filled out an incident report, i got my cappacino for free!!, and i left. i didn't go to the ER or the doctor. i pray it's not HUGE in the morning!

did i tell you about the last time i fell??? yep, this is a recurring thing with me and this pregnancy. i was leaving publix, jonah was in the cart, i needed to pull him out. so, i lift his big ol 45 pound bum out of the cart and when i go to back up my calf gets caught on the trailor hitch. yep, that's right! this silly thing that we've never used that is potruding from the back of my truck causes me to fall straight to the ground with big ol 45 pound jonah in my arms. luckily i kinda sat, instead of a full blown fall, so he just kinda strattled me instead of falling right onto mckinley.

good thing there are still good people in the world! this man, who was walking in our direction helped me up and just kept on walking. i was so grateful!! i don't think i could have gotten up on my own. and my sweet jonah...he was so concerned!

well, that's my spill for today. i promise to add a few pictures either tonight or tomorrow. right now i need to go hit the sewing machine!

toodles! :o)


Michelle said...

Girl! Glad you and McKinley are okay! least you got your drink free! LOL!!

Beki - TheRustedChain said...

Oh man, I'm glad you're okay!

I fell a lot when I was pregnant too. It just throws off your balance! I also fainted a lot.

jonahbonah said...

LOL Michelle! I would have gladly paid the $1.49! (it was nice to get a freebie though!)

It's good to hear I'm not the only one Bek! Oh goodnes...I pray I don't start fainting.