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Thursday, April 9, 2009

oh. my.

What a morning we have had here in the 'ol household...

Ever been woke up by a terrifying cry??? This was how I awoke. Jonah fell off the bed while sleeping. He hit his ear on the night stand. He cried and cried. Poor guy!

Then it was time for breakfast. My kids LOVE PB&J sandwiches...any time of day is a good time of day for PB&J!!!! So, for breakfast they ate that. I walk away for a few minutes to gather some laundry and get McKinley situated under the playmat thingy...I come back to the kitchen and I have jelly, grape jelly, from the entrance to the exit. From one side of the kitchen to the other. On the walls. On the floor. All over the table.

You see, Jett likes to open his sandwich and lick the jelly. (I still make the whole sandwich in hopes he gets into it and just takes a bit of all of it!!!) Apparently this time he took a single lick and used the rest as a...somethin'...I don't even know what to say. I just know I was on my hands and knees cleaning it up.

As I was under his high chair cleaning it up I feel a drip of something cold and wet. I look up...slowly...and he is filling his mouth full of apple juice and then letting it dribble out onto the floor...over my HEAD!!!!!!!! What the????? At this point I'm just a tad aggravated.

I looked up, hair in my eyes and a little bit of hair also stuck in my mouth from working so hard on my hands and knees (I prefer this method over the mop...I hate a mop!) I say "You have got to be kidding do NOT spit juice on the floor!" (Let alone on my head) He gives me such a sweet little face and says....are you ready for this???... "man" This is the way he says Yes, ma'am. "man" It's so soft and just can't be mad any longer. "man" Cutie-Patootie!!!!

So, I'm off again to go tackle the rest of the kitchen.

My computer is acting a little wonky right now...I'll try to post pictures later.

1 comment:

Laura said...

Love this. Because at 6:50am I was picking up an entire bowl of cereal off of the floor, and said, out loud.."And so another day begins!"

I know there will be yet, another moment like this, tomorrow, all before 8am...and I will think of you!!!!