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Thursday, February 18, 2010

February 29, 2008

that's what day my camera says i took this shot.
was that a leap year?
i don't know.
and i'm not going to go google it.
ok, i will.
be back in a sec...
yes. it was a leap year.
moving on.

i accepted the challenge to go into my folders and find a {february} photo from years past and tell a story.

goodness, i didn't think it would be this hard to remember only two years ago.
i think, if my aging mind serves me correctly, that this was after a recent trip to chuck e. cheese...
that place that the kiddos love to go and the parents loathe...
you know the one.
we ALWAYS get a bag of cotton candy before leaving.
well, i guess it has its upside...
and maybe i could change loathe to strongly dislike.
they do have cotton candy, afterall.

i snapped this photo of what i'm thinking is jake trying to be sweet to jett to get more candy candy and jett decides its safest to just shove it all in his mouth at once.
and hold tightly to what is in the other hand.
i could be wrong.
but, it looks like a very likely scenario.

might i also add that jake turned six the day before this photo.
so, if this was photo was two years ago, he'll be eight way too soon.
where the heck does time go?
take warning young mommas.
your children WILL grow up right before your eyes and MUCH too fast.
enjoy it!
go give them a great big hug now.
you can thank me later.

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My Trendy Tykes said...

Time is zooming by....

Chuckee Cheese, fun times

Traci Michele said...


So nice to meet you! I'm now following your adorable blog!

Come visit Ordinary Inspirations anytime :-)


banban said...

Cute photo!

My Army Life said...

LOVE your blog and photos. I love to take pictures, but just have the typical 'mommy-cam' digital camera. Any suggestions for a newbie who wants to jump into better photo-taking? But just for family/home? Appreciate any thoughts. Thanks!