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Saturday, February 26, 2011


ok, i know i said i'd share what that sneak peek was all about on yesterday...
but, today hubs put me to work.

we got up early and took advantage of the free childcare offered on post two saturday's a month. for eight hours. yes, please!
all of the kiddos were out of the house by 10:00am.
just hubs and i, hand in hand, walked through the PX for a little bit...looking for nothing in particular.
we bought mckinley two new dresses for spring, four bottles of gas treatment, some gum, and some paper towels.
nothing too exciting.
i begged him to take me to target.
he wouldn't budge.

guess what we did?
no kids for eight hours. just the two of us. we could have done so many exciting things.
instead, we came home and cleaned out the garage.
sad but, true.


we were able to get the entire bed and back seats of hubs' truck filled with bags for the goodwill!
{you can thank me later for the view!}

we tried to donate our old double stroller, an exersaucer, a play pen, and an infant carrier but were told that anything that holds a baby or child was not being accepted at this time due to a recall.
apparently, a crib was donated to a goodwill and then purchased by a thrifty momma and her poor baby fell through the bottom.
that's horrible!
but, that's what the man told us.

so, we took the baby goods home and put them on the curb.
trash day isn't until friday and around here people are always looking for goodies on the curb.
and living on an army post there are always folks giving stuff away simply because they don't want to carry it to their next duty station.

the babies took one last spin in the double stroller...

we left to go to a barbeque shortly after putting it all to the curb and when we came back home it was all gone.
we were blessed to have received it and i know it will now bless another family.
i wish i thought to take an after picture before hubs put the trailer back in the garage...let's just say there is MUCH LESS in there now.
the end.

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