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Sunday, February 20, 2011

tooth fairy fail.

yesterday my jonah lost his sixth tooth.
really?!?! six?
{he's six and has lost six teeth. i shouldn't ever forget that!}
where does time go?

let me begin by saying that yesterday was a crazy busy day.

*hubs went to the gym.
*we went and bailed some camo clad friends out of the woods.
*i sewed.
*the kids played outside.
*we rescued a dresser from the curb.

it was a full day.

back to jonah's tooth.
after dinner we started the saturday {get-your-stuff-ready-for church-in-the-morning} nightly routine.
teeth brushing.
getting da-da and na-na's ready.
all four kiddos in bed.
jonah's tooth tucked nicely under his pillow.
snug as a bug in a rug.
and then the battle begins.
the "get back in beds" and the "no, you're not getting any more to drinks".
its a nightly battle.
when will they learn, we will win every night?!?!!

unfortunately, hubs and i both crashed after the days events.
you know what that means?
the tooth fairy fell asleep on the job.

jonah woke up this morning in high hopes of a couple bucks under his pillow...
instead, he woke up to a tooth.

hubs, i mean the tooth fairy, ran into jonah's room and was quick to "find" his two dollars on the side of the bed.
it must have been blown to the side by the fairy's wings.
the tooth that was still under the pillow?
what tooth?
i didn't see a tooth.



Jamie Harris said...

lol lol lol, some Camo clad friends, u crack me up. hasnt the tooth fairy failed before? just saying maybe you should tell him you will give him more thatn the tooth fairy.

Bianca Jackson said...

LOL I can actually relate to this! When my daughter lost her first tooth, she expected a visit from the tooth fairy. The only problem was I was in a trip to Las Vegas for a family reunion! I can't remember what excuse I had told her, but the next day, we went to her 2nd dentistry check-up for that year. I just surprised her with a couple of bucks from the 'tooth fairy' (who apparently won the money from Vegas haha) when we got back home.