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Thursday, July 7, 2011


last week i went junkin'.
just me.
no kids.
just me.

on my adventure {cause you never know what you'll find} i found lots of goodies!
each of these things NEEDS a resting place in my home.
{or maybe not. but, i liked them all!}

This Old Place.
Clarksville, TN
{this is where the junkin' goes down}

i envision tea parties with mckinley.
i didn't buy.
$35 price tag, y'all.

would love a tall cup o'caffiene out of these.
i am an "M", afterall.
i didn't buy them.

this tea kettle.
not sure if i want it more for boiling water or to use as a centerpiece on the dining room table.
and would i leave it silver??
i didn't buy it.

i just thought this was way cute.
it was painted in 1989 by a little boy who's name begins with a D...his name was on the bottom and i don't remember.
maybe he wasn't a little boy.
but, in my mind he is...or was.
i didn't buy it.

i REALLY need one of these!
the soda bottle crate.
not the antlers.
i would totally hang it on my wall with the bottom flat against the wall and put thread in it!
i didn't buy it.

my grandma on my mom's side had one of these cracker tins.
it's one thing that i can still remember about her kitchen. her home.
i wish i had hers.
i may go back and get this one.
i didn't buy it.

did you have a banana seat bicycle??
if you didn't, you must be really young.
or, i'm really getting old.
{be nice!}
i had one.
it was pink.
i think.
my memory isn't what it used to be.
i'm getting old, remember?
i definitely did not buy this.
{my boys would look at me like i was nuts if i brought this home for them to ride!}
{{or, it would make me the coolest mom ever???}}

vintage pyrex.
so beautifully worn around the edges.
has a story.
of someone else's...but, that's ok.
i bought.

crazy old cash register.
i don't think i would have even been able to pick it up if i did want to buy it.
i didn't buy it.

old toys.
hard to believe that back in the day boys had a few of these and that was it.
they'd probably play outside in the dirt, on momma's kitchen table, in the bathtub, with the SAME toys.
our kids are so spoiled.
i didn't buy them.
although, the camper was super fun looking.
{i want an old camper for hubs and i to venture out in when we get oldER.}

this fisher price cash register took me back!
i remember having one of these as a kid and playing with it. ALOT.
like the boys had one clunky metal truck and i had my cash register.
i loved this thing!
if it would have had the coins to go in it i would have bought it.
i'm told there's an updated version in the stores now.
i know what mckinley's getting for christmas!

this cute little mustard piece was sittin' all alone.
no lid.
i still bought it.
i love the color.
oh, and it's pyrex.
i love all things pyrex.

this, my friends, is my favorite thing i bought all day.
my hopes and wishes is to collect lots and lots in this color to fill my grandma's china cabinet with.
i love her and i love pyrex.

what's the most recent thing you've bought that you love???


Kris said...

Fun! Wish we had a fun antique market around here. Maybe one day we can go "junkin'" together...a Saturday morning ritual perhaps.

Julie Danielle said...

How fun is that? Great stuff :)

Jenny's Heart said...

I just bout a couple of die cut cakes from Jenny and Aaron at Every day is a Holiday (blog) their stuff is so cute! I love it and they were buy 2 get 1 free, I had to save my pennies, but it was worth it :)
I haven't been junkin' in forever...

Kelly D said...

junkin' is the business

i love the mustard pyrex!

The Hungry Harris Honeys said...

ok so i already told you but i have the matching bowl to the mustard pyrex and....... My granny had one of the Cracker tins too!!!

Melissa Hensler said...

Isn't shopping at those little places so fun! I've been enjoying looking through your blog today. Found from the Insta-Friday. Beautiful family!