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Thursday, January 5, 2012

a-photo-a-day-challenge, day 5: something you wore.

if you know me you know i'm a jeans and t-shirt kinda gal.
i only get dressed up when i have to.
heck, sometimes getting into my favorite jeans IS dressed up.

i would love to change this.
i see pictures on instagram all the time of cute ladies all gussied up in their layered tees and rossette necklaces, a floral dress and boots...the list could go on forever of the outfits i would love to have hanging in my closet.

here on day 5, though, i was wearing something a bit different.
a smile.
one that went from ear to ear.
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you see, i ran into goodwill to try to thrift some jeans for the big boys. {who seem to be growing 4 inches a day}
no trip to goodwill is complete without perusing the store for things you don't need castoff's that would look amazing in your home.

i am, at times, blown away by what people "throw away."

want an example???
i thought you'd never ask!
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this, THIS was at goodwill!
i was thrilled at such a find.
but, at the same time bummed.
my first though was that hubs would never approve.
if i were to bring this thing home he'd have my head.

a record player/stereo AND mary poppins AND the sound of music???
why would he say no?

and then i thought i would just ask him.
i did still have a little bit of christmas money in my pocket, afterall.

he said YES!!!

so, that smile that i was wearing was because my always fabulous husband told me that i could own that 1970ish record player/stereo.

i posted a picture of it on instagram and my cousin {hi, laurie} said it reminded her a lot of the one that was in our grandma and grandpa's house.
i thought so too.
we weren't allowed to touch thiers.
that's ok.
i have one i can play all day long if i want!!!

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