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Monday, January 23, 2012

so random. and a blessing.

life around our house has been a little nuts lately.

i've captured a few moments here and there but, i've mostly been savoring every moment.

our kids are growing up so fast.
mckinley isn't a baby anymore.
jett will turn FIVE in a few short months.
jonah is reading like crazy. and loving every book!
jake is nearly TEN!

a few shots from the last couple of weeks...
straight out of the camera.
i have no time for editing.

jake fell asleep reading his book.
mrs. o'bryan and mrs. d would be so proud!

mckinley and i were supposed to be taking a nap.

she opted to have a mini photog lesson.
{i love that she shares my love of picture taking!}

we went to our life group christmas social on january 13 and got this bath spa as a "white elephant" gift.
joke's on the gift giver!
little did they know it creates hours of bathtime fun!!!
{check out all the bubbles that baby works up!!}



those slippery bubbles also make boo'boo's if children do not obey their parents.
mckinley got out of the bath and was told to get back in...she slipped and hit her neck on the water spout. OUCH!


daddy's not big on bringing home candy surprises.
he'd rather not rot the kids teeth.
so, he brings home princess towels for our princess and peanuts for our boys!
and he surprised us all with the new smurfs movie!


i had an amazing thing happen in the commissary this morning.

as i was checking out i noticed an older man {old enough to be my grandpa} checking out his groceries. {we were both in the self checkout lanes}
hubs will tell you that i have a hard time not listening to other peoples conversations while i'm out and about.
i call it being interested...not nosy.
i'm a self-proclaimed "people watcher."

anyway, i heard the old man tell the cashier that he only had $40 and he needed to take a few things off of his bill. heart strings were being pulled.
the holy spirit was telling me to not allow this man to go home without his jalepenos and shredded cheese. {these were the items he was putting back}
i slid over in his direction and asked the cashier if i could pick up the rest of his bill.
she looked confused that i would even ask such a thing but looked at the man to see if it was ok with him.
he obliged.

here's where it gets good.

as i looked in my wallet i realized i only had $3.00 in cash but said i would pay his difference on my debit card.
all of a sudden there was a lady behind me saying that she had cash.
she asked how much he needed and handed me $6.00.
ANOTHER lady then said she had the exact change. 55 cents.

i'm telling you i wanted to burst into tears right then and there.

God was at work.
spreading His love.
allowing us three ladies to shine a light.

the folks who were in line behind us looked a little annoyed that i was taking up a register and helping this man instead of ringing my own groceries.
i did not care.
i was being called to do something greater.

and do you know what that old man said to me???
with the sweetest smile on his face he said, "the Bible tells us to share in each other's burdens."

indeed, it does.

Galations 6:2 "Carry each other's burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ."

i pray for more opportunities to show and share God's love.
He has so much to give!


i pray you have a super-duper monday!


Unknown said...

Hey! I am your Valentines Swap partner. I just got the email and I figured I would shoot you something.

The first thing that I noticed is that you live in Fort Campbell. Its funny, because I used to live in White House, TN. We just moved to Wilmington, back in the summer.

So, lets figure this thing out and get to know each other. My email is



Beki - TheRustedChain said...

THAT is so cool. You are rockin' awesome. (as my baby says...)

The Hungry Harris Honeys said...

love <3

stephanie said...

how cute are those photos! and the bubbles are amazing! my daughter would love that.