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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

it was a good day.

the other day i got happy mail.
did i tell you a few months ago that my mom bought me an epiphanie bag?
well, she did.
a lola, in turquoise.
and i loved it.
but, it had a flaw.
the good folks at epiphanie were so easy to work with when it came time to make the exchange.
unfortunately, the lola is on backorder until spring.
at the time i figured i would settle with a replacement of the lyric in mustard.
boy, do i LOVE it!
dare i say that i love my lyric more than my lola?
i do.
i am seriously in love with this bag.
and, it's a camera bag.
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{no, i didn't get paid to tell you how wonderful epiphanie is}

moving on...

before naptime i took the kids to the park.
to get some fresh air.
and let their noses run...
au natural.
cause they were sick.

and the park is right in front of the housing office.
and i needed air vent filters.
jett and mckinley got lollipops while at there.
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remember that lollipop i mentioned?
well, mckinley decided when we pulled into the driveway that she didn't want anymore of hers.
i was still sitting in the truck {with the door open holding the lollipop} when i looked down to discover a little friend.
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for real.
and he just came closer.
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i figured i better let him have it before he jumped in to my truck.
i was seriously thinking of my next move if he pounced on me.
what the heck would i have done????
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but, look at how cute he is??
he scurried off with his sweet lolli never to be seen again.
well, at least not until i'm sitting with truck door open whilst holding a lollipop.

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