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Thursday, March 8, 2012


what does picture say to you?
broken thumb

does it look "okay"?

look again.
at a different view.
broken thumb

yep, i broke my thumb.
broken thumb

i went a whole 31 years, 7 months, and 25 days without ever a broken bone.
and then it happened.

it was all my fault.
no exciting story to tell.
i just fell.

add in excitement, exhaustion, hunger, crazy photographer angles and, with me, you get a broken thumb.
the doctor called it skier's thumb.
{i assure you there was NO skiing involved in the breaking of this thumb}

{at least i was cute and comfy in the ER waiting room in my new dr scholl's kicks from the folks at famous footwear!}
dr scholl's shoes from blissdom

and it requires a cast for three weeks.

broken thumb

broken thumb

so, this is my new, stinky sidekick.
broken thumb

ever wonder if you really need those thumbs of yours??
if you enjoy your independence the answer is yes. you need them.

*folding a load of laundry takes me double the time.
*opening a new bag of cereal is near impossible. scissors are my friend.
*putting my hair in a pony tail? not easy.
*putting mckinley's hair in a pony tail? turns out ugly.
*showering? in a bag. the arm. not me.
*my right arm...and my left for that matter...have not been washed in more than a week.
*my right armpit is 'mostly' shaved. and halfway deoderized.
*thank goodness we recently delegated dish duty to our oldest son. no worries about eating off dirty dishes.
*sleeping with this thing is dangerous. if your my hubs. he says i whacked him the other night...whoops! sorry, babe.

moral of the story?
have fun but, get your rest, eat well, and remain on your feet at all times while taking photos of your most favorite people.


Unknown said...

I'm so sorry :(. It looks so painful. So, in an army hospital, do they let you cry? Looks like such a tough place :)

thumb brace said...

Ouch! The cast looks very bulky. You can try one of those soft thumb spica splint that lets you bend your fingers to some extent.
By the way, nice diamond ring :)