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Wednesday, April 18, 2012


our oldest son, jake, has a piece of him he's self-conscious about.
{don't we all?}

for me, as a kid, it was my curly hair and my nose.
mean girls {and boys} called me medusa.
i don't recall being made fun of for my big nose but it was something that *i* wanted to hide.

for jake, it's his ear.
just one of them.

the doctor that saw him when he was four months old with pneumonia said that ears and kidneys form at the same time in utero.
since one of his ears is malformed his kidneys may also be malformed.

jake probably wishes he had kidney problems instead of an ear that sticks out.

his friends make fun of him.
it breaks our hearts for him.
and it angers us...the bullying.

what's a mom and dad to do?
how does a parent comfort their child without it coming across as something that a parent is supposed to say?
you know?

insert this inspiring video...

my husband found this on youtube.
he says God just showed it to him.
and it screamed "jake austin must watch!"

jake has a bunch of years to overcome mean kids at school.
and we have a bunch of years yet to raise him to be a confident young man.

have you encountered this yet with your own children??
being self-conscience?
i welcome all advice.

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Cindy @ Marriedtothemilitary {dot} net said...

Oh, and I actually just wrote a blog on this topic today. :-)