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Saturday, July 7, 2012

farmer's market

last saturday i spent my morning the farmer's market.
did you hear that???
i was only there for maybe an hour but, it was so nice.
even if it was a million degrees out and i was dripping sweat.

my father-in-law had already told me that the market was quaint.
it was surely quaint...and small.
even still, i was alone and it was great!

Farmer's Market
{the farmer's market is held at the train depot.}

i squish tested peaches, chose a few cucumbers, and mentally made recipes with fresh sweet peppers.
Farmer's Market

Farmer's Market

i then moved on to the bread man and bought a loaf of freshly baked ciabatta bread.

Farmer's Market

next stop, the honey farm folks.
i tasted vanilla honey, sweet pepper honey, gallberry honey, and lots of others.
those are just the flavors i bought.
oh, AND i got to taste honey straight out of the honeycomb.
i bought a bite sized piece of honey comb for $1.00.
the bee keeper said he only sells it by the comb once a year cause it takes so long for the bees to re-built it.

Farmer's Market

at this point i was running out of money.
but, browsing was free.

i visited the pepper jelly lady's booth.
i love me a good pepper jelly over a bar of cream cheese.

Farmer's Market

there was a man who made olive tapenade.
and some 4-h kids selling baked goods.
and some other local folks handing out public safety information.

sadly, there were no booths with handmade items.
i'm thinking i may need to look into changing that.
i think callahan needs more personalized chevron pouches in their bags!

i almost forgot to tell you about the unicorn poop i bought!!!!
Farmer's Market
the tag reads...

"i got you something special...
and here's the inside scoop...
it's very rare and magical...
it's your very own bag of...

even though i enjoyed my alone time i still missed this face.
Farmer's Market

these aren't from the farmer's market but, they sure made for a pretty picture.
Farmer's Market

Farmer's Market

the end.

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