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Friday, July 20, 2012


Motorcycle rides for all my boys. With strangers. #imtrusting
last weekend we went to a back to school extravaganza in town.
we now live in a small town so when i say extravaganza i really mean a hundred or so folks gathering together in the hot sun for free food, live entertainment, and a chance to win a child’s bike.
oh, and rides on a motorcycle {with a stranger} for the kiddos.
i make it sound not fun.
we had a lot of fun!
the food was yummy.
the people were all super friendly.
and each of the kiddos got a back of school supplies.
it was a better way to spend a saturday afternoon than sitting around the house.

He looks terrified. He loved it!

I'm not sure why jake is the only one with a helmet.

after the extravaganza we headed to a political rally.
an old fashioned political rally complete with boiled peanuts!

He's here for the free suckers. #politicalrally
jett was there for the free suckers.

Also, the stickers. #politicalrally
and the many stickers.

She doesn't know it but she's witnessing a bit of Florida's history. #politicalrally
as i listened to all the nominees speaking i couldn’t help but think of how neat it is that mckinley is witnessing a bit of history.

on the way home from the rally i ran into this handsome fella.
Look at this handsome man I just passed by on the road.... {@mrjonahbonah}

Went by the old 'hood today and visited old friends and neighbors. Too bad we renewed the lease to our tenants. We could be home.
had we not renewed the lease on our house here we could’ve been pulling into the driveway.
{we drove to the neighborhood to visit our old neighbors.}

Guess who's guesting over at Little Bit Funky today?!?! ME!!! Such an honor!! Thank you, @littlebitfunky for having me! {}
i was super honored to be asked by crystal over at little bit funky to write a post for her 40 ideas series!

So, my machine died. Praise the Lord for the kind folks at Viking for letting me use their machine while mine's in the shop. {I feel like a side show at like Dollywood. People stop and watch. }
my machine was overdue for cleaning and servicing and apparently the timing was off…so it died on me last week.
you guys depend on me to be sewing daily.
thank goodness the kind folks at the viking gallery let me come into their studio and sew when i needed to.

there was another history making moment this week.
The president just landed in Jacksonville, FL. Kinda neat.
president obama flew into jacksonville international airport on thursday.

and then, i was on my to the zoo to take jonah for a sleepover and we saw his motorcade.
I'm not a fan of him but, it was pretty neat to see the president headed back to the airport today.
did you know they drive two limousines in a presidential motorcade so you don't know which one the president is in??

it was a pretty great day for mail yesterday.
my noonday collection necklace came in AND my much ado about you planner came too!

Noonday Collection, I have a feeling you and I are going to be great friends! @paigeknudsen
i’m totally going to be sharing more about this company soon.
in the meantime, go check out their products.
lots of fun stuff for you and your home!

Dinner at 9:45. NBD.
i love this candid shot of these two.
pretty much how you can find them…having a silly time together.


This boy is silly.

until next week.

i’m linking up with jeannett over at life rearranged.
see you there!
life rearranged

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Alyson @Vintage Sunshine said...

So so cute. LOVE that pic of your hubby & daughter.. candids are THE best. Awesome that you got to see the motorcade. Not everyone gets to see that in their lifetime. Happy weekend!