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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

what, what jake wore wednesday.

our oldest son is P I C K Y about what he wears.
like, worse than a girl picky.

i am so not kidding.

for the last four to five years he has been giving me crap about a tee that doesn't match his shorts or his shorts being too short or his jeans making him look fat...i can't make this stuff up, people!

it's ridiculous!

so, with back-to-school being right around the corner...or him starting today...i devised a easy few little collages for him to refer to.

when he asks himself, "self, what will i wear today?" he can refer to the collage.
if he comes to me saying, "mom, i don't have anything to wear." i can point him in the direction of the collages.

{i'll be printing them out and hanging them on the inside of his closet door.}

think i'm kidding.
i don't kid.
{insert evil laugh here}




do you have a picky dresser?
how in the world do you cope?
do share.

i'm linking up with lindsay over at the pleated poppy and ginger over at ginger snap crafts.


Kilee Nickels said...

I have two boys and they haven't reached that phase yet. I am dreading it though! He looks great though!
Found you at WIWW. I announced a new link party on my blog today that starts next week WKWW-What Kids Wore Wednesday! I think you would be a great fit! I hope you check it out!

Capturing Joy with Kristen Duke said...

these are great! i have a son going to middle school who doesn't care what he wears, but i am wanting to get some cool options for him, even if he doesn't know they are cool!

Unknown said...

He looks awsome!! He may be a little old, but I personally don't think it matters- have you heard of Trendy Toddler Tuesday?

My son is very fussy about what he wears, but it's probably my fault.... at the moment he doesn't really like to have "naked arms" which can be quite tricky when it's hot..

Kelly said...

I have a VERY picky dresser!!! and she's only 2 (just 2 at that). I always let her choose what she wants to wear and she always has something already in mind she wants to wear...but at 2 she finds it rather difficult to communicate with us what exactly that is :(

I am happy to have a decisive decision making child, but sometimes I just want to choose her clothes and get outta the house! ;) I'm sure you can relate with three kids! said...

Featuring this & your back to the grind teacher gift today! Thank you for sharing.

Ginger @