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Monday, October 22, 2012

right now.

Mama time. #praisethelord

right now i'm sitting in a nail salon enjoying a long overdue pedi.

right now i'm listening to an adele concert they have playing rather loudly.

right now i'm drinking a diet coke. duh.

right now i'm thinking that i didn't know adele spoke with an accent. where is she from? whew! she has a potty mouth, too.

right now i'm needing to read my bible more often. like, every day. really.

right now i'm feeling...relaxed. a girl needs a pedi more than once every three months. truth.

right now i'm wanting a new lens for my camera. a 50mm 1.4 {that is auto-focus compatible with my nikon d5000. and a 24-70mm, too. they are officially on my christmas list.}

right now i'm thankful for my husband. he loves me unconditionally. he's an amazing dad, too. hands down he's a SUPER DAD.

right now i'm praying for God's will. every day. he brought us back to florida for a reason. we know that. but, we're searching. for what we're searching for we're still praying.

right now i'm anticipating another move. if you're counting, this next move will be number four. since june. i hope to ellaborate more on this in another post. for now, will you be praying for us??

right now i'm dreaming about mexican food. mmm...something about pulled pork tacos topped with lots of cheese, taco seasoned sour cream and fresh salsa. oh my!

right now i am wearing my eurasia cafe t-shirt and a pair of too big denim shorts. i had red toms on before i slipped my toes into this hot water. i'll be leaving here in those foam flips. fun.

what are you up to right now???

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Meg Brink said...

So sorry to hear about you having to move (again). I will be praying for, your hubby, and those four beautiful children of yours!