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Monday, December 31, 2012

the one where i share all my Christmas pics.

rather than try to break it up or say that i'll be back here tomorrow to share the rest, i'm going to put all the pictures i have from christmas or the days leading up to and after in one post.

you ready for this????

**after spending a couple of hours putting this post together...there's a bunch of pictures. grab a latte and kick your feet up. here we go.**

december 2012
mckinley had a dance performance at the jacksonville landing earlier in the month.
umm, the day before we moved in to our i'm, of course, just getting around to posting pictures.

unfortunately, there aren't any of her was dark, the lighting was horrible, and she was in the back.

december 2012

december 2012

december 2012
mckinley had more fun watching and dancing along with the bigger girls than she did her own performance.

december 2012

december 2012

december 2012

december 2012
christmas eve was our first celebration with family.
aunt katelyn and aunt kelsey volunteered to sit at the kids' table.

december 2012
wait! what is that kid doing sitting there???

december 2012

december 2012

december 2012
this picture is blurry, yes. but, can we just focus on the joyous face on my sister?? man, she was H A P P Y!! i love it!

december 2012
are you picking up on the trend of the gifts we all opened??

december 2012

december 2012
jake badly wanted a purple slouch beanie.
a purple slouch beanie he received.

december 2012
nani made everyone a beanie! the girls and adult guys got scarves, too!
super fun surprise! i can't imagine how long this all took her...

december 2012
oh my goodness, jonah had waaaaay too much fun shooting this doll with his new nerf gun!

december 2012
see! crazy kid!

Me and one of my boys. #itshappyhere
this is the only picture i have from the celebration at my mom's house. how is that?

this naughty girl is happy santa thinks she's cute!

Santa has left the building. And {s}he is going to bed! At 1:45 am. #isurehopemykidsrealizeonedayhowmuchidoforthem
santa came.

december 2012
jett-jett on christmas day.

december 2012
jonah-bonah on christmas day.

december 2012

jake austin on christmas day.

i'm not sure why i don't have a picture of mckinley...other than, WOW! it was a busy day!

after we opened presents at home we headed to another christmas gathering.
Opening gifts outside cause, well, why not? It's mid-70's on Christmas day!
yep, it was like 75 degrees out. on christmas day.

Wow! What a mess. Hubs came home early this morning after an all night shift, we did Christmas morning and then he went to bed. I traveled across town twice for more Christmas and at that second Christmas celebration hubs got called in early. For real. On
the aftermath. notice there's even a sleeping kid...

christmas was good this year.
we kept it simple.
our kids got a couple of things they wanted. {from us}
we didn't want to do too much...and quite frankly, couldn't.
and that's ok.

we were back home this year. so we were able to see all of our family.
although, we missed our ft campbell family.

my christmas decorations are still up.
they need to come down.
i'm over it.
christmas isn't about a lit and ornamented tree or eleventy-billion nutcrackers or stockings hung by the chimney with care.
it's about christ's birth!
{why do i not have a nativity scene??? totally working on that before next christmas.}

ok. i'm tired...and beginning to ramble.
thanks for making it this far.

how was your christmas??

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Meg Brink said...

I loved seeing your Christmas photos. Your family is so beautiful and quite the blessing. Can't wait to see more photos in 2013 ;) Its going to be a big year for you all!