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Monday, June 3, 2013

jonahbonah Grows a Garden

A few years ago when we lived in this house the first time we had a garden.  Then, when we got to Fort Campbell we planted another small garden.  We love the fresh fruits and veggies but, we also love the sense of accomplishment and seeing our hard work pay off.  Feeding our family right from the backyard is certainly a perk, as well.

This year we planted two small gardens!  One has different varieties of tomatoes and peppers and there's even a row of kale and carrots.  The other has cucumbers, watermelons, squash and cantaloupe.

Grow little garden.

Hubs also planted two apple trees, a lemon tree, an orange tree and a banana tree.  {McKinley is convinced the banana tree will lure monkeys into our backyard!}

Baby Navel Oranges. #jonahbonahgarden2013

Oh, and sunflowers!

Can you guess what hubs planted for me?? #jonahbonahgarden2013

Y'all, we are going to have quite the selection when our plants begin yielding crops!  And I can't wait!

We picked a pepper {from our garden}!
{the first pepper picked}

Our first tomatoes of this season. Can't wait to make salsa! #jonahbonahgarden2013

In six short weeks it's grown like crazy!!! #jonahbonahgarden2013
{only six weeks after planting}

Oh my yum. #jonahbonahgarden2013

We have watermelon and cucumber sprouts, folks! #jonahbonahgarden2013
{Hubs planted the watermelon and cucumbers from seeds and only days later there were sprouts.  YAY!}

Our Mr. Stripey tomato plant is taller than McKinley! #jonahbonahgarden2013
{our Mr. Stripey tomato plant is taller than she is}

"water me too, momma!" #jonahbonahgarden2013
{"momma, water me!}

Today's harvest. Two hot banana peppers. Now, what to do with them? #jonahbonahgarden2013
{these banana peppers are SPI-CY!}

Kale sprouts! I'm gonna try those Kale chips, after all. @foxandhazel #jonahbonahgarden2013

Do you have a garden?  What all do you have planted?

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Kathy said...

Very COOOL!!! Sounds very YUMMY!!