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Friday, February 7, 2014


When Hubs lost in job in September, I was certain the world was ending. Life as I knew it was done. We were poor. Instead, what I discovered is that the world was NOT ending, it was closing in within the four walls of my home. Life wasn't done. It was beginning right in my home. We weren't poor. We had everything we needed. God did that. He provided!

There is so much beauty in my life. So SO much to praise God for.

I decided well into our journey of unemployment that I needed to say "Hello" to new ventures and new opportunities. I needed to look around and greet the everyday things that I once took for granted.

These girls smiles are what gets me through most days. #mabrymaeeveryday
Hello, pretty daughters. 

It's not often that they all sit together. | When they're all together like this my mind drifts off to think of those who asked us "do you think you have enough?" Or "do you know what causes all those kids?" Or "this is the last one, right?" | As often as
Hello, all five children sitting, watching a movie, quietly.

It's here! It's here! #disneyside
Hello, exciting opportunity from Disney!
{more on this later}

Today's forecast calls for lots of rain. We took advantage of the sunshine, before it went away, and PLAYED!!!
Hello, beautiful sunshine!! We've been waiting for you to come out so we can PLAY!

Hello, upside down baby that enjoys chewing on my fingers! #mabrymaeeveryday
Hello, sweet baby who needs a teething ring. And a drool bib.

A friend of ours sent me this picture the other day. It's of Hubs and I when we chaperoned a youth ski trip in 2006. Ha! We were just kids ourselves!  | I loved him then but, I love him so much more now!! #ilovemyhusband #tbt
Hello, crazy old picture of Hubs and I.
{Thank you, Donna for digging this beauty -from when we chaperoned a youth ski trip- up!}

What will you say Hello to today??

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