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Saturday, September 20, 2014

The Beginning of My Weight Loss Journey

Six weeks ago, I decided enough was enough and I got real with myself. For almost thirteen years {since having our first son} I have blamed being overweight on having babies. I gained 65 pounds while pregnant with Jake Austin. After having him I held on to a good 40 of those pounds...for thirteen years. Until now.

In six weeks I have lost 16.5 pounds and 8+ inches. {I lost my piece of paper that I wrote my measurements on so I have re-start and just subtract from my new measurements. Hopefully I'll stumble upon that paper soon. I really want to know exactly how far I've come! I do know at last check it was just over 8 inches.}

What have I done differently? How am I losing weight and inches? It's not a diet. It's not a magic pill. I am eating healthier foods. I completely eliminated sugar and carbs with the help of Four Fit Sisters' Sugar Detox. I stopped drinking soda {biggie for me!}. I drink LOTS of water. I exercise a couple of times a week. And, I started using Plexus.

Plexus has been a game changer in my weight loss journey. Drinking Plexus Slim every morning curbs and sugar cravings that I may have during the day.

Every now and again I have the opportunity to go get myself a new "something". And for years I've just known what size I wear. {No, I'm not going to tell you. LOL} This past week I went shopping for a couple new things to wear to the Type A Parent Conference, that I'm currently at, and just grabbed that same size I always go to. I was SO excited when I got to the fitting room and the pants were TOO BIG!!! Y'all, it didn't occur to me to pick up a smaller size. And, wanna know what? I had to go down TWO pants sizes!!! {Again, not telling you! LOL}

my weight loss journey

I am feeling so good about my new weight loss journey! I've lost weight and inches and have gained so much confidence!

I don't want this to be all sales pitchy but, if you'd like more info on Plexus send me an email at jonahbonahinjax at gmail dot com. I would LOVE to tell you more!

Are YOU on a weight loss journey? Have just a few pesky pounds that you'd like to lose? Tell me what I can do to help you. I'd love to answer questions and even do the research for you! Let's connect. Email me. DM me on Twitter. Convo me on Instagram. However you're comfy, let's connect! *I'm jonahbonah on Twitter and Insta


Kathy said...

So excited for you!! You look great!!

Sheree T said...

Congrats and the weight loss and beating that sugar craving, that is a hard one. Keep up the great work.

Erlene said...

You look great and what a wonderful feeling it must've been to be 2 pant sizes smaller!