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Friday, November 23, 2018

Allstar Cheerleader Competition Goody Bag Ideas

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Goody Bag Ideas Feature

Competition season of Allstar Cheerleading is upon us. The Allstar Cheerleading world is unlike any other sport I've ever been a part of. I mean, I was a Pop Warner cheerleader as a kid. I cheered for my high school. I was a soccer mom for a short time. I've even been a football mom for four years. But, Allstar Cheerleading? The saying, "Go big or go home!" totally applies to just about every aspect of this sport. Their ponytails are BIG; oftentimes made up of hair extensions, but still BIG. The uniform has enough bling on it to shine sparkles from here to the moon. Their routines are pushed to the limit of difficulty their division allows. Bigger. Better. Be the BEST! Don't get me wrong, I LOVE it. I'm the first one to find my way to center stage, right up front, to yell and scream for my girl and her team. Let's GO Red Reign!!! RCA! RCA! As soon as our girls get finished with the two and a half minute routine, that they've worked tirelessly to perfect over the past few months, and they walk off of the mat, they're looking for a goody bag. 

I think the original idea behind a cheerleaders goody bag was to give her a bottle of water or sports drink and a snack, to replenish what she just worked off. That's it. It likely didn't have much, if anything, more. But, as I just said, us cheer moms like BIG. So, add to the goody bag of water and a snack, a team t-shirt, a handmade fleece blanket (competition venues are always cold, so it's a GREAT gift idea), a personalized pouch...I could go on and on. In our two years of cheer, McKinley has received some really great goody bag gifts. 

Allstar Cheerleading Goody Bag 2

Allstar Cheerleading Goody Bag

Allstar Cheerleading Goody Bags 3

For my youngest daughter's team, Baby Braves, I made these pouches. Each one is personalized with the girls' initial, filled with a juice pouch, snacks, and a PlayPack. It's doubly fun when the goody bag holds an activity, to keep the girls busy while they wait for awards. 

I love these other ideas, too. You can find tons of other great ideas on my Pinterest board

Cheer goody bag gift ideas
This fun printable, found at, is a great way to show the girls you're rooting for them!

Cheer goody bag gift ideas
These super cute Personalized Starbucks cups aren't a DIY, but you can get them from this Etsy seller. I love that they can have each girl's name on them!

Cheer goody bag gift ideas
Printable really are such an easy and fun way to add a POP of color and CHEER to ordinary snacks or candies. Like this one found at I've been a long time reader over there, as they always have fun ideas!

I have seen some REALLY extravagant cheer goody bag gifts. And, while I enjoy seeing what's inside the bag as much as my daughter, I challenge you to not put too much pressure on yourself. Just have fun with it. Do what your budget will allow. Do NOT let pressure to do above and beyond what the mom(s) before you did. JUST HAVE FUN!! After all, isn't that what we tell our girls before they go out on the mat? 

Happy Competition Day! Good luck!

***Dare you say cheerleading isn't a sport, I challenge you to come to ONE competition. Watch these girls (guys, too) lift a girl equal to their own body weight, THROW her in the air, catch her, again and again, and continue on in her routine for a long two and a half minutes. You wouldn't last one stunt. There I said it. I'm a PROUD cheer mom!

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