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Saturday, June 20, 2009

on the road with two kids...

Jake Austin, McKinley, and I headed out at 9am to make the 10+ hour drive to Kentucky. We were one hour behind schedule but, who's counting?? Getting me on the road at 9am in itself was already a near miracle!!!

We stopeed for gas first thing and got an Eclair to share, a Bug Juice for Jake, and a large Mountain Dew for me for breakfast. (don't judge me!)

I was determined to make some sort of progress before we stopeed again. I think we made it 3 1/2 hours down back roads filled with acres and acres of farmland....lots and lots of farmland before we were starving for lunch. You know, cause an Eclair isn't much of a breakfast! We stopped at Subway in McRae, GA. Ever been there?? Well, there's not a whole lot there! It took me a good 10 minutes just figuring out where in the heck the GPS was trying to send me. There were One Way streets and side roads and Dead Ends...We finally made it! One Sweet Onion Chicken sub and a Kid's Ham Sandwich later we had a bit more pep in our step. On the road again...

Now we were on a race against the gas tank. How far can we get before it's time for gas??? I was starting to feel a bit tired at this point so I don't quite remember where we stopped...but I can tell you that Jake asked me about 20 times where we were and I think he was growing VERY tired of hearing me say Georgia. I'm now a firm believer that Goergia is the most boring state to drive through!!!! :o) Don't get me wrong...the scenery is beautiful....but seriously, can it take any longer to drive through Georgia???

Once I got through Atlanta, which was super intense, it was smooth sailin'! After Atlanta it felt like we were just minutes away...oh, but wait, not before you go through more farmland....LOL! I bet you 500 of the 560 miles I drove was farmland. OK...I know, I know enough about that. I digress!

I'm still so tired from this drive that I'm beginning to ramble....I'll come back and post pictures and tell you more about it later!

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