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Thursday, September 16, 2010

julie and julia

i just sat down to watch julie&julia.
so far so good.
if i'm correctly gathering what this movie is all about then it will be a great one.
and right up my alley.
i love to blog and i love to cook.

stay tuned.


ok, first of all, i'm going to start with the ending since it's fresh in my mind.
i can not stand for a movie to end like this.
i do not want to read what happened to julie powell and julia child.
i want to see it.

was there not enough in the production budget?
did the producers think that the last of julie's 365 day project was where it should end?
i have another twenty minutes to see julie meet with editors and agents to see exactly how her blog became a book.
i would not mind a few more minutes of my me time to watch what happens when julia child gets her book published and becomes fabulously wealthy.

oh, i'm irritated.
i'm glad i only paid $1 at the quickflix stand at the PX for this movie.
i expected more.
much more.

did i mention how i hate when a movie ends this way???
i'm big on movie endings.
ask hubs.
he knows when a movie ends if i'm going to scream at the screen for more.

perfect example.
persuit of happiness.
i don't want the ending to imply that they become successful salesman or whatever it was they did...
i want to see them prosper and live happily ever after.

implication endings (for the sake of this post that's what i'm naming them) are no good for me.

oh boy.
i'm going to step down off of my soap box now.

any producers of major motion pictures that are do to wrap in the coming months,
listen up! pay the extra few dollars and keep the film rolling.
the audience wants to see more!

on a happy note, julie&julia wasn't horrible.
i really enjoyed watching julie cook her way through that year.
the lobster bit was my favorite.

was julia really that tall?
meryl streep isn't though, is she?
was she wearing tall shoes to play the part?
did you notice they seldom showed her feet in the movie?? especially when she was in a crowd of people.

so, i'm no critic.
and this movie has been out for quite some time.
i'm probably the last to watch it even.
but, if i had to give it like a star rating...
out of five i'd give it a three.
not one i'd have to watch again.
but, one i wouldn't say "never watch that dreadful movie".

what did you think of julie&julia?


Julie Danielle said...

I really liked that movie too :)

He & Me + 3 said...

i haven't seen it yet. I need to.
I was a little upset with the pursuit of happiness. I left the theater very depressed.

Kris said...

Agreed, the ending was horrible. Yes, Julia was really that tall, while Meryl Streep is not. You're right about the shoes. I disliked the ending not because of what they didn't show...but because of the fact that Julia could be that ugly to such a devoted fan. It made me sad.

Amy said...

I stopped reading when you said you were going to start with the ending. I haven't seen this movie yet but have it saved on my DVR for a rainy day. Maybe I'll try to watch it sooner than later.