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Thursday, September 9, 2010

so random.

today i've got nothin'.
no one particular something to talk about.

so, it's a so random post for ya!

*i'm getting old y'all. my legs are aching and it looks like rain outside.
can my body predict the weather like my grandma's used to?? (babe, if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all!)

*jett and mckinley had their first session of musicTime today.
it's like kinderMusic...only army style. well, there's not like an army theme. nevermind.
they had fun.

*we've been playing lots of sight word bingo. every 1st grader needs this game!

*the laundry. oh, the laundry.
i do a load a day just like hubs suggests. sometimes more. he said it'll keep me caught up.
well, i can do the putting it in the washer and switching it to the dryer part just fine.
it's the folding and putting away that i need a little fairy godmother for.

*it was a mac'n cheese lunch kind of day.

*i spent two hours putting pictures in my shutterfly cart two nights ago.
guess where they are?
still in my cart.
why do i have such a hard time committing to getting pictures out of the computer and on to my walls????

*i'm a self diagnosed over-thinker.
i've given it lots of thought.

*these books?
you should read them.
all of them.
the top one, come thirsty by Max Lucado, deserves it's own post.
maybe that'll be next week.
i'll think about it.

*alfredo is officially part of the family.
he made it past his 14-day return period...praise the Lord!
and now he eats dinner with us. don't get too grossed out. he doesn't actually eat with us. he just stays perched on jake's shoulder.
and he loves jonah too.

*she's the cutest, right!?!?!

the end.


Kris said...

I can't wait to meet Alfredo. Are you bringing him for Christmas?

Nani said...

Those are so precious!!!