Tuesday, November 23, 2010

across the miles

it's amazing to me where technology is today.
i feel like an old lady saying that...
but really!
i remember when our tv had no remote.
i had to get up and walk across the room and turn the dial on the tv if i wanted to change the channel.
click, click, click...let's just say i found a channel and stuck to it.

i remember seeing just how far i could stretch the telephone cord before i could go no farther.
and then it would be a tangled mess when i hung up.
you know what i'm talking about??

i think my great-grandmother would be amazed at how far technology has come.
i bet she never thought there would be a cordless phone much less a cell phone.
could she have imagined a 52 inch, flat plasma tv when she maybe only had a 13 inch, turn-dial, tube tv.
now, who would ever thought we could talk to someone hundreds of miles away AND see their face...through a computer screen?


kisses for poppy...

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