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Sunday, May 22, 2011


it's sunday.
sad, but true, any given sunday i can wake up knowing that there will be chaos of some sort.
the kids will drag their feet at getting out of bed or getting dressed.
mckinley runs from me as i chase behind her with a hairbrush and spray detangler.
jake austin can't find his hoodie {that he feels the need to wear...everywhere} that he remembers about five seconds before walking out the door.
jonah and jett are arguing over whether it'll be stuart little 3 or dinosaur train on the netflix.

all the while hubs and i are trying to get ourselves ready.
he's getting dressed, making breakfast {yes, he's amazing like that}, and keeping the kiddos on track.
i'm picking out everyone's clothes, getting myself dressed, and making my hair presentable. {make-up goes on in the truck}

unfortunately, satan is at work in our house on sunday morning.
he wants us to get so irritated with the chaos and with each other that we throw our hands up and say "forget it! we're not going to church."

i'm not gonna lie.
i was about to throw my hands up this morning.
i even told hubs to go without me.
he wouldn't have.

but, as i stood in the kitchen taking a deep breath, reminding myself that i am overwhelmed by His blessings, i also said "he {satan} tries this every sunday. every sunday."
and with those thoughts i inhaled deep and walked back out into the living room where my hubs and kiddos were still running around like chickens with their heads cut off trying to get ready for church.

we loaded up in to the truck and headed out.

after all the drama and yelling and fighting and DRAMA we were on our way to church.
on our way to socialize.
to fellowship.
to worship.
to praise Him for this day.

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moral of the story?
when satan is trying to bring you down and ruin your day show him who's boss!!!

in other news...

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Anonymous said...

Did it ever occur to you that maybe it's not actually Satan at work but you being plain old human?

jonahbonah said...

Ummm...I'm still going with Satan!
And, who you callin' old?!?! LOL

sherri lynn said...

I agree - Satan totally attacks on Sunday mornings! Glad you were still able to go to church though :)

Just found your blog - new follower! Also I saw your reading list on the side. I just finished Unlocked by Karen Kingsbury - it was good!