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Thursday, June 16, 2011

hubs is a genius.

do you have bread with every meal?
we don't either.
but, if it were up to hubs we would.

seriously, my wasteline just can't afford all that white flour and sugar that is bread.
i try to avoid it if not for a sandwich...
i use the word try loosely.
i do love me some bread.
of all kinds.

back to my original thought.

it was spaghetti night the other night and i forgot, possibly conveniently, to buy the garlic bread. {remember, i'm thinking of the waistline}
out of the corner of hubs' eye he sees some hotdog buns on the counter that are waiting for hotdog night.
why not make garlic bread out of them??

open 'em up, slather on the butter {only real butter will do...not margarine}, and sprinkle on the garlic salt.

garlic bread.

mighty tasty garlic bread.

we may never buy frozen garlic bread again.


the end.

what tasty dinner secret do you have???

i'm linking up with kristen over at wearethatfamily for "works for me wednesday."


sherri lynn said...

My husband wants bread at every meal too! I just can't handle having it that often either!

Kris said...

We do this with leftover hotdog buns too. Jake may be resourceful....but he's no genius. :)