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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Mabry's Birth Story {part one}

I've been wanting to sit down and write Mabry's birth story for the last two weeks.  I didn't write a birth story for any of my other four children.  And, sadly, I've forgotten most all of the details of the labor and delivery of Jake, Jonah, Jett and McKinley.  When Hubs and I sit down and talk about those birth days HE reminds me of bits of information.

All four of the previous kids were induced. They were far too comfy in the womb to come out on their own. So, I really wanted to go into natural labor with number five. I imagined walking arm in arm with Hubs through Walmart and my water breaking...I would then turn to him and say "it's time to go. NOW!" Sounds perfect, right? Ha! Okay, maybe not. {Where the Heart Is is a favorite movie.} But, I didn't want a scheduled induction. I wanted to experience the rush to the hospital and contractions and you know, the way the movies make it out to be like. Hubs, on the other hand, loves him some scheduling. He needs to prepare. He likes to be ready. He is all for a scheduled induction.

I'm so happy to say I did go into natural labor. My water did not break in Walmart. {Thank goodness!}

Here's what DID happen:

Saturday night I went to bed feeling tired. {what pregnant gal doesn't?} I had been feeling overall miserable the last few weeks of pregnancy anyways. I had indigestion that made my throat feel like it was on fire. My iron was low so I constantly felt worn down and I couldn't get enough ice to chomp on. My ankles were swelling giving me the most amazing cankles EVAH! What else?? OHHHH....the veins. The varicose veins no one tells you about. The varicose veins that hurt! Yeah, those. I had those. My morning sickness never went away. I'm sick the entire nine months when pregnant. That's something that was consistent with all five pregnancies. Smells, certain foods, not eating small meals throughout the day...all made me sick. {a few food/drinks with this pregnancy were sweet tea, mustard anything and tomato based sauces.}

I had a doctor situation towards the very end of my pregnancy that left me without prenatal care for about six full weeks. In that time frame I made the mistake of *Google-ing* my symptoms to self-diagnose myself. I'll just tell you now, if you want to scare the bajeeses out of yourself by putting a couple of symptoms into the search engine and getting back EVERY possibility, even the horrific ones, then Google your issues. If you value your sanity, DON'T DO IT! Just listen to your husband when he says, "You're eight months pregnant. Of course, you're miserable!" Such a wise man. {I did get a doctor for the last two weeks of my pregnancy. She was amazing!}

So, I go to bed on Saturday night, I tossed and turned all night. I waddled to the bathroom approximately 1,264 times. Then, at 7:00 I felt what I thought was my water leaking. I really wanted my family to get up and go to church. I figured if it was my water leaking/breaking that the contractions would come soon. In my head, we still had time to get a sermon in.

We got to church early that morning. {not the norm for us} Hubs hadn't been able to go to church for a few months because of his work schedule so when he saw one of his buddies they sat and talked for a few. As they talked I began to feel contractions. Not too strong. Not too consistent. But, definitely contractions. Natalie, a friend of mine came around the corner so I got up to talk to her. The contractions were still there. Still, not too strong and not too consistent.

It was time for service. The worship music is my favorite. {I love the preaching too...but, the brings me to tears just about every time.} This Sunday was different. I had to sit down through much of the second song. The contractions were definitely getting stronger...and more consistent.

I got up to go to the bathroom and my friend Cheryl shot me a look of concern. I whispered, "I'm okay." Ha!

After service was over Hubs and I stood up and that's when it started. STRONG contractions that were about 3-5 minutes apart. We walked to each class to pick up the kids. I stopped with each contraction and tried to keep some sort of composure. People were beginning to ask if I was okay and giving me the look of concern.

By the time we made it to the preschool area to get McKinley I was stopped by a chatty friend. I politely talked to her until my friend Christy walked up and told me to go. {she could tell I was "just being nice" by standing there in misery and needed to get to the hospital}

When we finally got to the truck, Hubs asked me if I thought we had time to go home and drop the kids off with his sister. "UM, NO!" The hospital is twenty minutes from church. It would've been ridiculous for us to drive thirty minutes in the opposite direction to just turn around and drive forty minutes back...with me in PAIN!

When I convinced him demanded to go straight the hospital Hubs went to find someone at church to take our four kids at the last minute. Thank goodness for Donna and Greg. Without hesitation {or knowing how long they'd have them} they packed our kiddos into their car and off we went. Do you have church family? If not, you should. They are amazing.

The contractions were getting so much stronger and so much closer together! The details begin to get a little fuzzy at this point. What I do remember about that ride to the hospital is that Hubs was driving a wee bit over the speed limit and the left side of my body was tingly and stiffening. Very weird. Very scary.

We arrive at the hospital and I could hardly move. I'm not sure how I made it into the wheel chair. But, I did. I was wheeled in to Room 2 at Baptist Beaches Hospital in Jacksonville Beach, Florida at around 12:30pm on August 25, 2012. Mabry Mae Hutchins was on her way.

to be cont...

Thirty-six weeks.
{the last picture I took while pregnant...36 weeks.}

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