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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

when large families unite.

nine kids

We had house guests a couple of weeks ago. Lots of house guests.

When my best friend, Tera, said her family would be going to Disney World in August and would then like to stop by our house for a few days on their way back home, I was SO excited! I just saw her in June when I went to Disney On The Road in Maryland but, that was such a short trip. It wasn't nearly enough time to catch up and visit.

They pulled up to our house in their RV, aka "House on Wheels" and piled out...all seven of them. Good thing we all like each other because we were packed like sardines in our house. {Eight of the nine kids slept in one bedroom. We have an enormous bunk bed situation that Hubs and his dad built in our boys' room so they all slept comfortably and not on top of one another.}

Tera and I
We're both pregnant again at the same time. She's 25 weeks and I'm 38 weeks in this picture.  We've been pregnant at the same time with all of our babies except for one, her youngest. But, cool thing about Conor is he was born on MY birthday! Tell me this friendship isn't a God send.

I'm gonna miss this sweet guy when he leaves. He will roll cars and trucks around so contently for longer than any kid I know.
See this cutie, best boy ever! 

While they were here;

  • Tera and I stayed up late chatting, like girls do.
  • We went to church and they were able to see old friends.
  • Her family treated my kids and I {Hubs had to work} to lunch at Rena's Pizza after church. You would think nine kids and three adults would be a nightmare in a went great! The kids were all so well behaved.
  • After lunch they {again} treated us to a movie, Disney's Planes. {excellent movie!}
  • Tera went to a doctors appointment with me. Afterwards, we went for lunch at Chili's. We had such a great time {sans kids}...we laughed harder in those couple of hours than we did all week!
  • Our kids played hard. The oldest kids knew each other when they were little. So they just picked right up where they left off. The little ones didn't know each other before this visit. It was like they had been best friends all along.
  • Hubs took a day off and he made his world famous ribs on the grill. Tera's husband made his Man Beans. 
  • I went to the hospital in false labor. Y'all, it seriously stinks to feel like "this is it" only to have your hopes and dreams crushed by a nurse who says, "Sorry, Sweetie. It must've been the storm. We've had two other girls come in with false labor symptoms."  Really? I was a little embarrassed that I thought it was real...and that I delayed my friends from getting on the road in the time frame they wanted. {they were going to leave the morning I went to the hospital but, of course, stayed in case I was truly having the baby.}
Two Families
W family, thank you so much for coming to visit us and for all you did while you were here. You are amazing friends! 

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