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Friday, October 25, 2013

happy friday

the last two weeks have been sort of a whirlwind. i've been sewing day and night to help support my little family. hubs has been taking care of the kids. the roles are a bit reversed. at first, we liked it. we were thinking we could maybe get used to this. now, he's ready to get back to work and i'm ready to resume my housewife duties.

don't misunderstand. i love that my sewing has been such a blessing. and i really love to sew. and my husband does an amazing job of maintaining the kids and the house. heck, this house has more order in it now that he's in charge of the day to day routine. {it's the military roots, ya know.} but, a man's heart is providing for his family. bringing home the bacon. going to work and feeling a sense of purpose every day. it's just how they're wired.

oh, i'll still be sewing. i think now that i know what i'm capable of {and hubs is aware of it as well} i won't be able to stop the pace i've set. i enjoy it too much. i love being able to put fabrics together to create something that so many of you love. it's rewarding. fulfilling. it makes my heart happy.

thank you for making my heart happy in this trying time we're going through. i thank God for each and every one of you!


i've got pictures to share. lots of pictures. ready?

My little salesmen.
my two cub scouts selling popcorn. so proud of them!

Even in my trials, I will worship.
even in my trials. even in the hard times. i will worship.

He loves his God and his family with his whole heart. And we love him back.
i'm so glad i get to do life with him. to see how he loves his children is a treat.

This. It's been far too long since I laced up my tennies. Today I hit the pavement and ran a mile. Only one. But, after not running for 9+ months, I'm pretty proud of myself. More miles to come!  #losingthebabyweight
i ran a solid mile for the first time in 9+ months. it needs to happen more often. and it will.

Law & Order: Criminal Intent, Mabry and your Halloween Totes. I'll be here if you need me. {thank you guys a million for supporting me!}
my make-shift office for the day. i had a bunch of halloween totes to sew and i didn't want to be confined to my usual studio. i moved to the living room so i could have tv and lots of light!

Mabry hung out with friends in church this morning.
mr bobby and mrs kathy came to visit miss mabry. and they went to church with us. i love it when we go to church with friends or family.

"tousins." | dinner with family is the best.
dinner with uncle adam and aunt kris = "tousin" time!!! oh, nat and no, we love you guys so much!!!

Welcome to the world, Luke! You made a surprise entrance and scared your momma, but God is SO good! | My best friend, @terawofford delivered her sixth baby via emergency c-section early this morning. She and baby Luke are doing great!
my best friend, tera had her baby. luke gordon came almost seven weeks early and scared the daylights out of me {and i know his momma and daddy} but he's here and he's healthy. as a matter of fact, i talked to her today and he is going home MUCH sooner than the doctors originally anticipated. PRAISE GOD!!!

Mommy's Little Mummy | thank you, @zipperedjewel for having us over for Zoë's birthday party. McKinley had SO MUCH FUN!
mckinley had a birthday party to go to last week. it was monster high themed and since that's kind of halloween-ish and in october there were halloween-ish games. so fun! in this game mckinley was dressed as a mummy. the best mummy won. {happy birthday, zoe!}

I'm like the worst mom EVER! I make him match socks.  | Related--I loathe matching socks!
oh, how i hate hate hate matching socks. that's why i have jake do it. :o)

Once upon a time there was a wee princess that cried and cried. When her momma picked her up she was happy and she slept. The end.
mabry loves to be held. when i posted this picture on instagram i told a short story...once upon a time there was a wee princess that cried and cried. when her momma picked her up she was happy and she slept. the end. it's the absolute truth. {a couple of you asked if i had a sling or wrap. i do. i have an ergo that one of my followers so graciously sent me. AND i just spoke to a gal who makes wraps that it is going to send me one for review. i can't wait to share it with you all!!}

well, that's the last two weeks in a nutshell. not too exciting, but pretty amazing. time spent at home with my people. and with God. i just can't ask for a whole lot more than that. {other than maybe a J O B for the hubs. we know it's God's timing, though. we KNOW that.}

life rearranged

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