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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

jeremiah 29:11

one week ago, today, our world was rocked. we received news that blew us away. what happened on that day is every man, husband and dad's greatest fear. my husband lost his job.

for years we've watched as other families struggled to make ends meet, as the bread winner was out of work. we've prayed for them. we've helped them where we could. we've cried with them as they lost their house or their vehicles. we prayed for the needs of their children to be met. and, of course, we thought to ourselves, "i'm so glad that isn't us."

yet, now it is US.

today we pray for our own family as our bread winner is out of work. we pray that we can be blessed with enough money to keep our house. we pray for others to step in and help where they can, even if it's just saying a prayer. we pray for the needs of each of our five children to be met. and, of course, we pray this doesn't happen to anyone else.

this is a tough time. tomorrow is uncertain. however, our God is a GREAT God. He knows our future. He knows the plans He has for us. we aren't afraid. {jeremiah 29:11} i'm not gonna lie...we're terrified. BUT, we truly know that God has a plan.

after the shock of "what the heck are we going to do with no job and no income" kinda wore off last week i contacted a friend of mine on instagram asking her for ideas on how i can make a few extra dollars selling things via social media. boy, oh boy, she and God and many of YOU blew my socks off! within minutes of my sending her that email she sent out a heartfelt instagram post that had responses within seconds. people from all over the country were asking how they can help. they were letting us know that they would be praying. one girl offered to send me girl cloth diapers so that we could eliminate our diaper expenses. {we have a five week old baby} someone else suggested having an auction of donated handmade goods. {i'll be doing that in november. more details to come!}

her post ignited a fire in the hearts of lots of girls truly wanting to help. this post today is to say, "thank you!"

my family appreciates your generosity. without the love and support of so many of you we would surely be hanging our heads and questioning, "why us?" instead we have hope. we know from your stories that you've been there, too. you've told us that it'll be okay and we'll make it through to the other side. thank you!

jonahbonah floral

we've had people ask how they can help beyond sending physical things and gift cards. to be honest, every dollar helps. i am burning the midnight oil and sewing every day and night to create new pouches that i am offering on my instagram feed. i also re-opened my etsy store. i would love for you to go check them out. it's a great time to buy teacher's gifts, christmas gifts, birthday gifts and more...and help me support my family the only way i know how.

from the tippy top to the very bottom of our hearts we say THANK YOU. we are grateful for YOU. without you and God we would be hopeless. but, today we are HOPEFUL!

Jeremiah 29:11

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

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Anonymous said...

Sending a box in the mail tomorrow. Finally have the time and a day off of work. Will be praying for your family..