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Friday, October 4, 2013

hello friday

although this past week has been one of the very hardest for us it's also been full of blessings. we've been blessed with abundant prayer, kinds words from all over the internet, hugs from close friends and family, and small gifts from those who care. God is in this trying time of our lives, we know it!

this week has also been filled with lots of jonahbonah sales. praise the Lord! i've been sewing, sewing, sewing and you've been buying, buying, buying. THANK YOU! please don't stop. i'll keep sewing as long as you're buying. your purchases are helping us provide for our family. we are so grateful for you!

while it's not fun being without a job, hubs is seeing a little bit of a silver lining. he gets to see the kids more often. and he's getting to see mabry do things as a newborn that he really wasn't home for with the other kids. {we'd obviously still LOVE for him to be working...}

mabry was so alert this week. i'm beginning to see her as more of a baby than a newborn. {does that make sense? LOL}
I love her. #mabrymaeeveryday

hubs was searching the net for a job when mabry woke up from her nap. of course, she barely wimpered and he was at her crib side to hold her in his arms. this man, y'all...he loves his kids. and i love him.
Today looks like this. Me wanting to write but can't find the words and him exploring employment options...with a little breakfast dishes still on the table and baby loving. We are clinging to God's promises today.
this picture was taken as we were sitting together...i was at a loss for words as i was trying to write in my journal, he was snuggling with mabry while looking for a job, the breakfast dishes were still on the table. our life is a beautiful mess right now.

I'm thankful she hasn't a care in the world. #mabrymaeeveryday
i could watch her sleep

My girl. Well, one of them. I have girls, y'all. Still blows my mind.
having two's so special. i have visions of dressing them alike one day. matching dresses and pictures are going to be so cute this year!

I don't take his picture often enough. Here's to becoming more intentional in taking pictures of my big kids too!
how in the world do i have an eleven-year-old? it seems like yesterday he was as teeny as mabry.

I work. She snuggles. #mabrymaeeveryday
this is often nights the scene in my home. i work, she sleeps.

The Teddy Bear Toy Totes will have to wait. As will my shower. This girl needs her momma. #mabrymaeeveryday
life with a newborn. some days you shower. some days you don't. some days you have a bajillion things to do. some days you have to put your to-do list to the side and hold your baby girl...because before you know it she'll be eleven and you won't know how in the world that happened.

I work. She snuggles. Same scene, different day.  #mabrymaeeveryday #blissfullydomestic
did i mention this is the scene often nights in our home? {we wrote our blissfully domestic posts just like this monday and wednesday nights.}

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a good friend of mine stopped by late wednesday night on her way out of town and dropped by these TOMS flags. want to place an order for a TOMS pouch?? i've got plenty! you can either convo me on etsy or email me.

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i listed this cute teddy bear toy tote in my shop last night.

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and i listed this yellow and aqua floral wristlet, too.

how was your week? did you do anything exciting? fun? tell me about your week. tell me something great about it!

happy friday!

life rearranged

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Savanna said...

Your little girl is a cutie!