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Thursday, June 26, 2008

And you thought COUPONS were for old ladies....

I started couponing FOR REAL just about a year ago. I have gotten toothpaste, toothbrushes, mouthwash, deoderant, dishwashing tablets, shampoo, conditioner, razors..LOTS AND LOTS of razors!! These only name a few of the items that I have gotten FREE or for less than a BUCK after coupons!!! I'm not going to go into specifics on how to do what I do. But, I will tell you that is easier than you think. You may think twice when tossing those Sunday paper coupons into the recycling bin. (you do recycle don't you? LOL) Think of it as throwing CASH away!!!

Let me show you one example.

I went to Publix the other night and got ALL of this for $38.31!!!

10 packages of Hebrew National ALL BEEF hotdogs- $4.49 each BOGO
10 boxes of Barilla pasta- $1.49 each BOGO
2 Wish Bone salad dressings- ? BOGO
2 boxes of Suddenly Salad- ?
2 envelopes of Knorr pasta side- ?
1 loaf of Sara Lee bread- $1.99
2 half gallons of Horizon Organic Milk- $3.29 each
2 Kid Cuisines- ? BOGO
2 pounds of LEAN ground beef- ?
4 boxes of Fruit by the Foot- $2.73 each BOGO
1 Digornio For One pizza- $2.50
1 6-pack of Yoplait kids Yogurt drinks- $2.50
2 boxes of Lipton tea bags- ? BOGO


Now, that's a LOT of hotdogs!!!


My total BEFORE coupons and advertised savings was $119.67. My total AFTER coupons and advertised savings was......$31.38!!! That's 74% off my grocery bill!!! Let me also add that with buying all those hotdogs comes a $25 Home Depot Gift Card. If you're quick in math you see that this means I really only paid $6.38 for ALL that food!!!!

Is it rediculous to have to store all of this pasta and such??? Most would say yes. And if you don't have the pantry space then you may not even go for this much of one item. BUT, if you love to shop and don't have the money to do so AND you love to see the savings go UP and the "you owe this much" go DOWN then couponing is for YOU!!! Give your extras to the neighbors, friends and family!!! I do it cause I love all of the above but I also have 3 growing boys and a hubby who never stop eating. We will make homemade mac n' cheese and pasta salad and spaghetti with Rigitoni until it's all used up!!! The kids eat Fruit Roll-Ups daily it seems. The tea bags?? Well, who in south doesn't drink sweet tea??? LOL

Let me know if this inspires you to coupon!! I'd love to hear what deals you get!!!

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Becca said...

Holy cow, girl! that is awesome!!!
Poor Jake! I hope he heals quickly!!! I loved the photos you took of him and his new cast!
Take care!