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Monday, December 21, 2009

The Christmas Letter


Signed, Sealed, and Delivered...
to the post office.
If you're family and friends and I have your address, you should be getting yours soon.

If your not family or I don't have your address here's a peek.

We pray this letter finds you doing GREAT!

Oh boy, where do I even begin? Life was so crazy in 2008 that I didn’t even write a Christmas Letter…you were worried you didn’t get one, weren’t you?

So much has changed since the last time I wrote.

Jake was hired by Orange County Sherriff’s Office in Orlando, FL. He received his direct commission from the U.S. Army. He resigned from Orange County Sherriff’s Office to pursue the U.S. Army as an active duty commissioned officer. We were moved to Fort Campbell, KY to live for the next three years with the 101st Airborne Division. Whew! All that with four kiddos…I’m tired just telling you about it!

Did you catch that? We now have four kiddos! On December 9th, 2008 Jake and I welcomed McKinley Rose. A baby girl! You’re probably wondering why the *M* instead of a *J*. You try keeping all these kiddos straight…Jake, Jonah, Jett…McKinley. And, it has a nice ring to it. Why McKinley? It’s a family name on my side. Rose was my Grandma’s name.

Having a girl after three boys has been so much fun! Big bows, twirly skirts and baby dolls, oh my! She’s one year old now and getting into everything. She’s sleeping through the night, walking and even starting to show a bit of an attitude. (That’s my girl!)

Jett (2) started preschool this year. I was really thinking it would just be more of a ‘mom’s morning out’ type program. Imagine my surprise when he came home singing the Alphabet Song, Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star and counting to ten. He’s learning so much! Jett loves to play rough with his brothers and play ‘sticks’ with our little neighbor, Bridget. He’s our wild child.

Jonah (5) started Kindergarten. He played his first season on soccer, and LOVED it! He can ride his bike with no training wheels. He can write his full name with no help. Jonah loves to love on his baby sister. He’s our nurturer.

Jake Austin (7) started second grade this year. I’ve asked him to please stop growing up…he’s getting so big! He played his first season of flag football. He’s discovered a love for books. He’s enjoying the freedom of riding his bike to school with his best friend, Trenton. He is getting more independent every day. Jake Austin is our social bug. (I know the saying is Social Butterfly…I don’t think he’d like being referred to as a butterfly. *smiles*)

Me? I love being a mommy to four little ones. I love being an Army Wife. I have a newfound love for Tweeting and blogging. Did you know you can win goodies on Twitter and other people’s blogs? I’ve won everything from a stroller to diapers to gift cards! I love to coupon. The challenge of seeing how much money I can save in one transaction is So. Much. Fun. I’m still burnin’ the midnight oil behind my sewing machine every night. My teeny etsy shop ( is thriving. For these things, I am thankful!

Life on Fort Campbell is different. Jake and I both were born and raised in Jacksonville, FL, so moving anywhere outside of our ‘comfort zone’ would be different. I’ve looked at it as an adventure. We’re discovering new places, new sights, new people, and new ways of life. Jake can’t wait to get back to Jacksonville. I love driving through the mountains to get to Target. How neat is that? You can’t do that in Jacksonville!

Jake will be deploying to Afghanistan in February of 2010 with the 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault), 3rd Brigade (Rakkasans). We welcome all prayers.

The Lord has blessed us beyond what we thought imaginable. We are so thankful this Christmas Season that He has given us wonderful friends and family, a place to call home, and most of all His Son, Our Savior.

You can keep up with The Hillier’s all year long online at or email us at

Jake, Melissa, Jake Austin, Jonah, Jett and McKinley
(as my grandpa wrote in last year’s Christmas card to our family, Whew! That’s a lot of names!)



Beki - TheRustedChain said...

LOVE it!

Kori said...

you guys are so cute! Thinking of you as feb rolls around HUGS! You are one strong gal!