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Thursday, January 14, 2010


my heart hurts so badly tonight.
it hurts for the people in Haiti.

i don't watch the news so all the info i get comes from The Hunky Hubs, who does, and the internet sites i frequent.
i'm a twitterer. (is that a word)
there's a lot of talk on twitter about Haiti.
someone posted a link to CNN's website full of photos.
i didn't want to look.
but, i did.
tears filled my eyes as i thought of all of those men, women and children lying in the streets...
did they have someone who loved them?
is someone looking for them?
did they know Jesus?
and if they did, did they really KNOW Him?
are they with Him?

today i looked around at all that i have and realized that i have a lot.
a computer, that is my daily *adult, no toddler talk, conversation*,
a starbucks gift card to be used whenever i want to warm my chilly bod,
a husband who loves me **SWOON!**,
a roof over my head,
a full dishwasher, which means we ate well...
the Lord has blessed me with SO much.
He has also blessed me with a talent that i can use to help Haiti.

in my etsy shop you will find a pink zebra cross hand towel that will be made especially for Haiti Disaster Relief.
if it's sold out when you get there, please check my shop to see if i've relisted it.
i will relist them as they sell out.
for every towel sold i will donate $5.00 to Compassion International.
Compassion International, the world's largest Christian child development program, serves 64,000 sponsored children in Haiti, most near the earthquake zone.

so, it's a win/win.
you get a cute handmade towel.
Haiti gets a bit of relief.

will you help me help them?
thank you.


My Trendy Tykes said...

Isn't it so sad? Ugh...I just watched on the news where some supplies had landed and all those people were going crazy trying to get water.

I can't even imagine....

barb said...

Your awesome Melissa!
We have been personally affected by several of my employees and Brett's co-workers who all have lost loved ones. So, sad... What is God trying to tell us? My heart breaks...