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Monday, February 22, 2010

dear lexus,

does everything that can go wrong on this vehicle go wrong all at once?
is the life span of the LX470 a mere 11 years?
how about that check engine light?
can it get any brighter?
O2 sensor needs replacing?
acceloration is only a sporatic action at 100,000+ miles?
not happenin'.
driver door lock?
oil change?
spare tire unlocking doo-hicky?
timing belt?
nearing it's last "tick".

any buyers?
*trying to control my outloud laughter so the kids don't think i'm crazy to be laughing at the computer....ah, they've seen it before...i'll laugh on!!!*

the Hunky Hubs and I will be on the look out for a mini-van when he comes home.
wanna share why yours is your favorite?
don't tell me all the reasons you won't drive one...
ie; you're too cool...
we are so ok with being uncool if it means not unloading from this current truck like it's a clown car!
oh, you don't understand what i mean?
my two big boys climb out of the BACK HATCH!!!!
that's just horrible!
and, well, this family seems to be ever growing.
there's only so many car seats you can fit into an SUV.

(no, i'm not pregnant....yet)


HisGrace said...

Hey you know me, I gave up my mini van for the 12 seater ford E350... lol

barb said...

Toyota Sienna - LOVE it!!! Best Mini van ever - always go for the fully loaded, better trade in no matter how many miles, and oh the comforts~~~

Julie Danielle said...

I would love a Sienna too. But need to wait to be able to buy one. They make them in 8 seaters :)

Unknown said...

Oh no!!! We LOVE our Honda Odyssey. I traded in my Volvo SUV for it. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it. Can rearrange the seats, big door openings for loading little ones, dvd, and comfy to drive- among other things!

Celeste said...

I have a Honda Odyssey ... love it!!