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Thursday, February 25, 2010

random thursday

i've got so many random things to say...
lots and lots of random things to say...
but, i'll keep this short.

i have been cleaning, cleaning, cleaning for 2 days.
was my house a mess?
since Hubs left we've i've done all i can to keep the house in order.
i've failed.
but, it's back on track now.
thank you alisha for watching my monkeys while i cleaned like a crazy woman.

this morning the bathrooms still needed to be cleaned.
this is, by far, my least favorite chore in the whole world.
i loathe cleaning toilets.
but, bright and early me and mr bleach got to work.
and messed up a comfy pair of black lounge pants.
not cool.
this is why i have a love/hate relationship with bleach.
it cleans great.
it stains ruins clothes wonderfully.

kitchen clean.
bathrooms cleaned.
did i mention there are three.
that was the one thing that stuck out like a sore thumb when we found out the army had blessed us with a two story has THREE TOILETS.
living room clean.
dining room clean.
foyer clean.
the bedrooms?
well, i'll leave those for the kiddos!

so, this is the best part of my random thursday.
while i was cleaning this house i decided that it might be a good idea to clean out the diaper bag too.
i have no idea why i thought this....
but, i did it anyway.
i found a picture that my cousin found of me while she was cleaning at my grandma and grandpa's house.
wanna see???
i remember this day.
picture it.
it was a beautiful spring, maybe autumn, day in 1996.
did you get that?
that was a stinkin' LOOOOOONG time ago.
ok, back to what i was sayin'.
it was a beautiful day to take cheer photos.
my hair was exceptionally large that day, as you can see,
after i put on my cheer uniform (blue bicycle shorts, culottes, and top...gotta love private school cheer uniforms!!!) i stood in the girls' bathroom, in front of a full-length mirror pulling the front part back into a little clippie.
it took so many tries to get it just right.
my arms hurt so badly after holding them up there for so long trying to get my huge hair to look perfect.
that could be why my arms look so great in this photo...
i'm so tiny here too.
if only i could look like that after having four kiddos.
never say never though, right???

so, that's it.
that's my random for the day.
it wasn't so random now that i think about it.
i stayed pretty on track of what i've done for the last two days.

did i mention i miss my hubs???
miss him terribly!
we've talked a few times though.
it's always great to hear his voice!
now, if only i could figure out how to reach through the phone and give him a smooch....

1 comment:

Beki - TheRustedChain said...

Ha! You were so cute!!

Oh to be the size I was in 1996... Ugh.