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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

potty mouth

is stupid a bad word in your house?
it is in ours.
it's right up there with the other "S" word.

i'm listening to Jett in the other room call every animal stupid.
keep in mind he LOVES animals.
"stupid elephant."
"stupid doggie."
"stupid octopus."

and then he'll say, "shh...we don't say stupid it's not nice."
is he making fun of me there???

it's either a really fun word to say,
or, he has no idea what he's talking about.
maybe a little of both....

hard to believe such an ugly word is coming out of this sweet face...


My Trendy Tykes said...

I don't like to hear my kids say STUPID.

I heard my oldest call her brother an idiot earlier for the first time. We had to have a talk.

Yes, there are idiots in this world but we don't need to tell them

Your brother, although obnoxious, is not an idiot.



HisGrace said...

LOL so funny...
I will catch Gabriela doing stuff like that and when I peek in she is scolding her babies about disobeying and "saying not nice words", as she says... LOL

Next thing you know she has 4 babies sitting in time out.

The things kids say and do...

But I really feel they are just showing us they do pay attention and are applying what they are taught...

Your a great Mommy keep it up...

* When we keep God in our things we instill in our children it does work... Sometimes not when we WANT but always when we NEED it to.

Tia Colleen said...

I don't think Eleanore has really heard the word stupid enough to start saying it herself. But once she does, it will be just as much a bad word as the word "fat" is, in our house. We don't call people fat, its HORRIBLE. Its ok if mommy and daddy use it to describe something, like a big cat, but in no way is it acceptable for her to say it.

My Army Life said...

Stupid is the "s" word in our house, too. Recently, we geared up for a family concert on the Wii "Rock Band." We wanted to sing a Taylor Swift song and one child chose "Picture to Burn." My six-year-old was the singer for this round and immediately started protesting ... "But, but ... this song has the 's' word and I can't say THAT and I can't get 100% on singing if I don't sing all the words. Wait, wait!" =)

TDM Wendy said...

Stupid is a bad word. But we the "F" word is not. Fart.