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Tuesday, April 13, 2010


it's been a long week.
i spent the last 10, no 11, days in florida.
sound relaxing?
at times.
totally relaxing on day 9...
i got, you ready for this???, a mani, pedi, eyebrow waxing, AND a haircut!
watch out!
mama had some down time!!!
so nice.
so needed.

ready for a few confessions??

confession #1: i stopped at Tarjay on the way home and bought Hannah Montana The Movie soundtrack...
good stuff!
track #6, Hoedown Throwdown...
it'll make you want to get up and dance.
you've been warned!
it's good stuff!
we might or might not have listened to it six times back to back.
and, well, i might be a little late to the party....
consider it age.
i'll be thirty this year.
but, to my kids, i'm the coolest!
check out how cool this is...

am i a dork?
it's all part of confession #1!

confession #2: i miss my hubby.
life is no fun alone.
no fun.
mama needs her man back!

confession #3: i have a new found love for american idol and dancing with the stars.
the hubs would be so ashamed.
he's not a t.v. watcher, ya know.
the "one-eyed monster" in his book.
i must watch it and then critique the contestants and then make a prediction of who gets the boot next.
all to myself, of course.
it's a weakness.
don't fault me for needing to get a life.
remember my husband isn't here.
and it stinks.
t.v. is the next best thing to a real person.

confession #4: i have a great desire to give my hubs a great big kiss....and i can't.
you girls who have your hubby right next to you,
or in the next room,
get up and give him a kiss.
right now.
i'll wait.
ok, good, you're back.
don't take advantage of his presence.
he's there.
not a million miles away.
go give him another kiss.
i'm going to bed.
no more confessions for tonight.
i've suceeded in making myself feel a little bit more sorry for myself....
good night.

psst...don't forget to thank a soldier today!


Lara said...

Fun stuff, you cool mom! My husband is gone for the month and I too have a newfound love for DWTS.

Tia Colleen said...

I'm so glad that my daughter is too young to get into Hannah Montana, haha.


Booo missing your husband. Poor thing.