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Friday, December 23, 2011


the two week edition.

*new hats from mrs. sandy.
*a helpful hubs.
*jonah's teacher spoiled him with christmas gifts.

*frugal garlic bread.
*cleaning out the pantry dinner.
*YIKES! a kitchen fire.
*grocery shopping before 9am.

*she fell asleep in my arms.
*she wasn't tired, y'all.
*this little boy is too big for naps. {coulda fooled me}
*and again, too big for naps.

*tea lover gift.
*tea lover gift sent across the country.
*two tea lover gifts sent across the country.
*a surprise gift for me from my favorite jewelry gal.

*sick times four.
*jake was "aqua elf" in the school's christmas production of "a pirate's christmas."
*school is out for christmas vacation.

*applesauce out of a straw. in his undies.
*she told me "jesus is my best friend."
*jett told me "i love God."
*make-up + newly three-year-old = fun times.

*lucy made herself comfy in my freshly laundered clothing.
*roy g. biv books.
*it's her birthday and she'll cry if she wants to.
*big helper. {read mess maker}

*jonah and santa at the px.
*"hand" made rudolph.

*can you believe this beauty was at the road awaiting the trash man?
*i begged hubs to load it up and bring it home.
*it didn't happen.

*haircut number one.
*haircut number two.
*haircut number three.

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