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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

bliss. {part two}

grab a cup of coffee or an ice cold diet coke.
this post is a doozy!

friday morning was set to start early.

8:00- breakfast.
guess who didn't eat.
yep, you guessed it.

i was so busy taking in all the sights.
there was no time to stop and eat when there are sponsors to connect with and people to network with and photos to be taken...

i met some pretty amazing folks.

i met one gal in particular, barbara, who works for YoCrunch.
we connected at the heart of haiti booth. {hopefully, more to come on this booth in weeks to come}
barbara and i shared each others hearts for adoption.
she and i both know EVERY boy and girl NEEDS a forever mommy and daddy.
every one of them.
no matter what their story/special need/age.

while adoption might never be a part of my story...i will pray for these boys and girls always.

whew! breakfast is over.
it's time to go see what Jon Acuff has to say.


i have to be honest, i had no idea who he was prior to hearing him speak.
never even heard of him.
but, boy am i glad the bliss chicks asked him to deliver the opening keynote to blissdom.

a couple of notes i walked away from hearing jon speak...

* let go of negative internal voices. {i'm not good enough, who's even reading my blog?, i don't have anything interesting to say}

* be selfish at 5am or 11pm. {since i'm not a morning person the 11pm time appeals more to me. use that time, the time your family doesn't need you, to blog or work}

* 90% perfect on the blog always changes more hearts than 100% perfect stuck in your head. {this was probably the most impactful for me. more often than not, i have a great idea for a post but i don't write it because i don't have a picture to go with it or i don't know how to quite articulate what i want to say.}

* it matters because you can change the world. {WOW! me??}

jon generously gave each of us a signed copy of his newest book, quitter.
i'm only one chapter in but, it's good, y'all!

if you ever get the opportunity to hear him speak or read one of his books DO IT!
he's down to earth, funny, and he's also a christian. bonus.

the afternoon was filled with break-out sessions.

i went to shoot like a woman, part one and part two.
my mind was blown by the amazing Me Ra Koh.
i was so entranced in her amazing photography tips and photos that i didn't take a single note.

she. is. amazing.

that's all i got on that.

break time!!
with YoCrunch.
and a couple new friends.

greis of and casey of

greis and casey, muah!
i miss you girls!!!

{all of my new friends from blissdom deserve a post all their own. i was seriously BLESSED to have met SO MANY amazing women at my very first conference!}

you're ready for more celebrity sightings aren't you??

blissdom does not disappoint in bringing in the celebs!

i mean, the lorax?

The Lorax at Blissdom 2012-1352
{photo courtesy of blissdom2012}

the lorax

The Lorax at Blissdom 2012-1404
{me, in action}

next up?
joe jonas.
yep, THE joe jonas.
know him?
well, i only do cause i have a ten year old son.

Joe Jonas

Joe Jonas

Joe Jonas at BlissDom

Joe Jonas kicks
when jake austin saw joe's shoes he immediately asked if he could have a pair.
see. the ten year old is how i know of joe.

and then.
rascal flatts.
yeah, y'all!
you heard me right.

Gary LeVox of Rascal Flatts at BlissDom

rascal flatts

and with that the evening came to an end.

but, there's more!

one last picture before i go.
my favorite from friday night.
possibly my favorite that i took all weekend.

these are the amazing woman behind blissdom.

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