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Friday, May 10, 2013


it's been quite some time since i last shared some of what we've been up to on instagram. {you can find me @jonahbonah} let's get caught up, shall we?

And... he's moved to the table top. Whatever. He's getting his homework done.
/1/ i have mixed emotions about the school year coming to an end...however, homework is one part of school i will never miss!

New picnic table success! #shelovesit @mrjonahbonah
/2/ we bought a picnic table for the back patio. why did we not do this sooner??? mckinley loves to go outside and draw and color. and we've done some crafting out back on our new picnic table too!

#widn, finishing up Family Movie Night with this handsome fella. Wreck It Ralph FTW! Tagged by the amazing @theprintedpalette. I tag whoever wants to share their exciting Saturday night. {wearing a #theprintedpalette It's Awesome Time tee!}
/3/ this was taken on the eve of our eleventh wedding anniversary right after we finished *family movie night* with all of our precious children. only with God on our side could we have made it this far. {i love you, hubs!}

Date night with @mrjonahbonah. #elevenyearsmarriedandstilldating #dateyourspouse!
/4/ eleven years. so proud to be his wife. {i forgot my mascara at home...we stopped to buy some. i felt nekked without it.}

Mason jar sippy cup {thanks to #Cuppow} filled with fresh cucumber water, kids helping prep our garden, a beautiful sunshiney day. #lovelookslikethistoday #capturethejoy
/5/ see that blue thing atop my mason jar? yep, that would be called a CUPPOW. it turns your mason jars into travel mugs. genius. my new favorite'll be hearing more about them from me soon. those kids in the background? they're just digging our garden. i can't wait to have a summer harvest!

Dinner on the patio with three of my most favorite people! Our FIRST dinner on our new picnic table. {Jake and McKinley are with Ganny} #lovelookslikethistoday #capturethejoy
/6/ dinner on back patio picnic table. best idea we've had in a long time!

Grow little garden.
/7/ grow, little garden, grow.

Our summertime drinking glasses have just arrived! #bluemasonjars
/8/ anniversary blue mason jars? yes, please! i may have already purchased 24 of them and feel the need to have more. {for the record, i'm giving three of them away today to the boys teachers for teacher appreciation.  more on that later...i found a SUPER cute printable i can't wait to share with you!}

And just like that I'm Smashing! {if I don't do something like this I'll lose or forget all the little things}
/9/ smash booking. do you do it? i wouldn't call it scrapbooking. it's more of a whatever-will-fit-that-you-want-to-remember kind of book. well, that kinda sounds like scrapbooking, huh? whatever you want to call it...i went to michael's, bought me a smash book, and got started. the first page? our baby number five!

I've said it once {more than once, actually} and I'll say it again. I  #theprintedpalette! {use code JBONAH10 to treat yourself at} @theprintedpalette
/10/ oh, you know, just me in another amazing creation from the printed palette. i can't get enough, y'all. blue mason jars and the printed palette. my favorite addictions.

So many things I love in this picture. Piles of laundry means a well-clothed family. Handmade art on my walls. My love on his day off. It's a gloomy day outside but my heart is full of sunshine! @theprintedpalette @joyshope @raisinguprubies  @dralexander
/11/ i captioned this photo on instagram with *so many things i love in this picture. piles of laundry means a well-clothed family. handmade art on my walls. my love on his day off. it's a gloomy day outside, but my heart is full of sunshine.* so true!

Daddy kisses are the best best best! #lookforthelovely
/12/ daddy kisses. princess smiles.

Got mah hairs did! And she curled it. It's a smidge "Farrah Fawcett" but, I like it! #takecareofyourselfmommas #itjustmakesyoufeelgood!
/13/ do you take care of you? i know you take care of your husband and your kids and your house and your church family and your {fill in the blank}...but do you take care of YOU? do it. my love tank gets such a boost when hubs tells me to go get my hair done or a pedi or a mani. and when he says go i run out the door! i feel like a new gal when i walk out of that salon. i get a few hours to recharge my *mommy battery*. i truly believe we can take better care of others when we first take good care of ourselves. amen?

these last few weeks have such blessed weeks. i can't wait to see what God has in store for the next few!

do i follow you on instagram? let me know who you are and i surely will start!

life rearranged

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Julie Danielle said...

Love the Mason jars! We are celebrating 11 years in August. And I bought the same table cloth :)