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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

supporting my family one pouch at a time.

it's been two weeks now since hubs got laid off. every day is different. some days we're excited for what the future holds, other days we hang our heads and feel sorry for ourselves. this really is a tough situation to be in. i don't wish it on anyone.

one thing that has been constant in the last two weeks is the amount of sewing i've been doing. i have been sewing night and day...and in to the early morning hours.

Teddy bear toy tote | 8x8 inches | $28 | ONE available

for the last eight years i've been sewing for the fun of it. it started as a way to make clothing for my boys. i wanted them to wear clothes unlike every other kid on the playground. when i found that i can make a few extra bucks on ebay i started to sell online. i never made a whole bunch of money. it was only ever enough to buy a few fun things for the kids and it supported my fabric addiction. we've never relied on my sewing money to pay the electric bill or buy groceries. but, now we do.

Super Kid Toy Tote/Diaper Clutch | 8x9.5 inches | $28 | TWO available

i love what i do. what i love even more is that i can use my talents to support my family in this super scary time in our lives. what i love even more than that is that you also love what i do...and you support me in my supporting my family. you're pretty amazing.

Super hero toy tote | 8x8 inches | $28 | ONE available

yesterday i had a sale on instagram for a few of my pouches and some halloween totes. you guys blew me away! BLEW. ME. AWAY. you blessed my heart. you blessed my family. i don't want to sound too dramatic, but truly, because of you i will sleep a little easier tonight knowing that some bills can be paid and we'll also have food in the fridge. God is good, y'all!

Super Kid Toy Tote/Diaper Clutch | 8x9.5 inches | $28 | TWO available

my plan is to have an instasale each week. as long as you keep blessing my family i'll keep sewing.

is there something you'd like to see? what can i make for you? i'm thinking christmas stockings will make an appearance. christmas totes? what'd you think? leave me a comment telling me what i can sew for you.


Jenn said...

I am on a QUEST to find cute, timeless Christmas stockings. Would love to get them from you!!

Kathy said...

Christmas Ornaments

Kristen LaValley said...

UGH. I am SO in this with you. We're on week 6 of unemployment. It's the worst. Hang in there girl!

Amber Farnham said...

I would love stockings :)

Amber Farnham said...

I would love stockings :)